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Go Groopie connects you with great deals in your city that help you learn, look and feel better! Whether it's eating healthy, increasing your fitness, learning new skills, improving career prospects, taking up new hobbies, becoming greener or just looking or feeling better, we have the right deal with the right local business for you!

Duration: 5 - 6 days
End of Deal: 00:00:00
Voucher redemption: we will email you the deal voucher as soon as the promotion has finished
Types of payment: PayPal, Credit Card
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written by: Mr Robertson (2014-09-13)

No goods money taken from my account

I was told it would take 3 weeks for delivery of goods they came and went still waiting Tried to contact them no phone number email no reply. So I got in touch with fraud squad and have reported them I suggest you do the same.
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written by: Azza (2014-09-03)

is it real or fake company? !!!

Is is fake company or what??!!!!
What is going on in this service...???!!
Online items were ordered 8/16/2014 not recieved!!
Online customer support c/o were sent many times no replies at all!!!
Just our money was deducted at once ordered with no services offered!!!!
Even Hotel offers said something different to what the real hotel give ..example..hotel Ummi Brighton beach was offered night for49pounds for see view rooms but the hotel adked to add 25pound to book see view plus he denied they have available rooms while it shows that they have it in their website and when confranted the receptionist that there is available rooms in booking. Com he said yes but you will pay the difference between the two prices?!!@
What kind of offers presented by your company? ?
What kind of service you are giving??
I paid more than 850 pounds before and did not receive any items??

If you are a real trusted company please contact me on my mobile number
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written by: Naomi Rogalska (2014-09-02)

No Replies to emails, no contact number, no help!

I purchased a voucher but when I tried to redeem it would not work Only options for contact were to fill out a contact form on the supplier site (no reply) or email GoGroopie (no reply) - very frustrating when this could be easily remedied.. Never will use again if this is their customer service!!! Appalling. Wanted to give ZERO stars but can't post without giving at least one.
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written by: kim rousell (2014-09-01)


I cancelled 2 items and was told money would be in account that I had paid, still no money and no reply to my emails at all, i also have another item that I have never received and no reply to my email for that one either, I have lost about £40 in total through them. The items I did receive that I had ordered were crap and misleading, dont order from them
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written by: Michelle (2014-08-18)

Purchased two items plus paid two P&P

I purchased two smokeless indoor bbqs in April and had to pay two separate P&Ps total layout £26.00. I neve received the products which also means the P&P wasn't used. I have been in constant emails with Gogroopie as you can't telephone anyone and they take weeks to reply. I have been told by Gogroopie they can't contact the merchant so have given me a refund - this is NOT true and I have received nothing, now they are ignoring my emails. DO NOT USE THEM! I am currently in touch with my bank to try and get a refund through disputes.
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written by: Barb (2014-08-12)

Do No tUse

Do Not use this company. I ordered a wireless doorbell. Was not happy with the details so cancelled it immediately. I am still trying to get my money back. They took the money immediately and 3 weeks later I am still waiting for its return. I would have given this no stars but it doesnt allow me to.
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written by: Mrs W (2014-08-07)


Ordered product in November. When product FINALLY arrived (after two weeks of chasing) it was faulty. We're now at the start of August and despite dozens of emails to these shysters and their promises of resolution (including a refund) they've now said they will credit my account with them. £60 down the drain so far. They are appalling. I am now planning to take them to the small claims court.
PS have used Groupon, Wowcher and KGB before and never encountered issues. Please stay away from this site - it is not a business and they do not care about you, only your money. One star as it won't let me post without.
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written by: lorrain ann newman (2014-08-06)

also ripped

Ordered a toilet seat did not arrive wish I had gone on this site earlier.
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written by: Ken Instone (2014-08-05)

Gogroopie Mach3 Razor Blades

I recently purchased supposedly Mach3 compatible razor blades from 'Gogroopie'.The only way they are compatible is that they fit the blade holder, absolute tat, steer well clear of these charlatans, they are selling nothing than cheap imitation Chinese imports
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written by: Tracey Manton (2014-08-05)

Another victim of unscrupulous Go Groopie

I am yet another victim of this unscrupulous company. In Oct 2013 I placed an order for Rainbow Rose seeds, they arrived and I could not believe what had been sent. Literally 14 seeds in a tiny plastic pocket. I called the company who dispatched them PartyMustHaves, and spoke to what sounded like a man with an Indian accent. He said to send them back, which I did. I have emailed GoGroopie on so many occasions requesting a refund to my bank card, and received an occasional seemingly pleasant reply, promising to make the refund. It is now August, and to date I have not received the refund. Basically like many others, they have taken my money and I have nothing. WHY CAN WE NOT BE PROTECTED FROM UNSCRUPULOUS COMPANIES LIKE THIS??? Trading Standards or some organisation somewhere should intervene with crooks like this.
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written by: mrs h r bevans (2014-07-17)




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written by: Lesley smith (2014-07-15)

Non delivery of YPAD

I ordered the YPAD in October for my grandsons birthday 20 emails and 9 months down the line I have had 3replies and an offer of a refund which I am still awaiting I gave this one star as I at least got confirmation that there was a problem but this company is appalling I will not be recommending them to even my worst enemy
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written by: Gail Watson (2014-07-15)

Vitus Products

Never Ever use VITUS PRODUCTS, they never delivered the goods I ordered and when I cancelled the order they kept the money for delivery despite not goods being delivered. I sent numerous emails to them which they completely ignored. DO NOT USE VITUS PRODUCTS EVER!!
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written by: Mrs P Harvey (2014-07-15)

None delivery of purchase

I purchased a Expandable Hose with gun in June and as yet have not received it. I have e-mailed Go Groopie asking them to look into the situation regarding none delivery of the hose a couple of times already but have not even had the courtesy of a reply. I am in agreement with many other of their former customers don't waste your money.
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written by: Annie Williams (2014-07-09)

Go Groopie

I am going to add to the long list of people disatisfied, with Go Groopie I bought a tablet voucher from them, it arrived and worked for approx two hours, sent it back to the manufactors, by recorded delivery. i have been waiting for a refund from go groopie since April 2014, sent email after email, they promised me refunds and still no joy,tried to report them to Trading standards, however, unlesss you are vulnerable, they will not do anything, was re- directed to the cab, who advised to write to them !!
We are no longer protected even by trading standards from con companies like this !
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written by: Maureen Brennan (2014-07-03)


I ordered two sun loungers and paid in full, I asked for a refund the next day because I found them cheaper where I live,
I have waited weeks for a reply, then they refunded half of what I paid and said it was a good will gesture!!!! They won't refund the other half, I will never use them again.
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written by: Cathy Ashley (2014-06-15)

Black Sapphire Ring

Genuinely thought that this was an ok company to use due to the number of advertisements that I receive, placed and order when tried to complete the order after it had been activated the supplier website kept telling me that the voucher had expired. I have emailed both gogroopie and the supplier as no contact numbers but no response. I have today cancelled the order and I hope that I get a refund. This has well and truly put me off ordering something over the interent. One very unhappy customer. WARNING DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE
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written by: Mr Patterson (2014-06-11)


I ordered my item in January 2014, yes 6 months later I have still not received my item. I made number numerous complaints but they don't respond. I can't locate a number for them either. Does anyone know how I can obtain a number so I can complain to? Or are they regulated by anyone who can investigate them a close them down? Very frustrated and angry that Gogroupie treat people like this!
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written by: Mel (2014-06-10)

Terrible experience

Paid for and redeemed my voucher for Ratten garden furniture
Cost £199. Delivery £12.99 12th may.
Said 2/3 weeks delivery. Now 10th June and still no sign.
Sent many emails. They have responded to 1 saying they are looking into it.
It now in the hands of my credit card company who will get a refund.
Go groupie are the worst site I've ever ever used.
Do not use them.
If you have try your credit card company
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written by: david (2014-06-06)


Do not use the company they two two lots of money I had a email to say I would get a refund never had it. Many emails later no response.06.06.2014
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written by: peter smith (2014-05-29)


Mid October 2013 I bought a short break with The next day i had to cancel this offer due to personal circumstances. However since then i have sent several emails to this company, albeit with the occasional reply from them promising a refund.
To this day i am still waiting for this refund now
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written by: IS (2014-05-25)

Item not arrived

I ordered retro earcuffs earrings from hearty gifts via go groupie on voucher code deals and states to allow 10 working days for delivery. After 15 working days I emailed go groupie cc copy of my order with payment who replied back saying they would forward this onto hearty gifts in order to chase up my order. It has been over 5 weeks and still no item. It's a sham and scam they take your money and don't deliver goods. Just as well I paid by PayPal I managed to get my money back but it shouldn't have to be that way. I would never use hearty gifts again and because of this I'm very wary about purchasing anything through go groupie with other companies.
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written by: Martin swift (2014-05-19)

Ripped off

Av been robbed ,they take money and don't supply product.
If this was on the street or home I would call the police . Stay clear !!!!!why can't you just pay and receive . What's all this about complicated voucher codes . So differcult to do you end up giving up.
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written by: Sherry (2014-05-15)

Purchase of loom bracelets & a charm bracelet.

This company are a huge scam!! I bought loom bands for my children. It said reduced from £22 -£2. I thought that was a fab deal, so I bought 3. My children were over the moon @ the prospect that these bands would arrive soon. Anyway a few days later they sent me an e-mail 2 redeem my voucher, but it wasn't very clear how 2 do that. It also said just follow the link & allow 21days 4 delivery. I waited the 21 days, nothing arrived. I looked back @ all the instructions but couldn't determine if I'd missed something or not. Anyway I sent them a message requesting a call back or any kind of communication regarding my vouchers & I put voucher codes down. I received no reply. It's been about 7 weeks now so this morning I searched for their customer service number and spoke 2 a lady called Bree who informed me that I hadn't paid the postage for my items. I told her I wasn't aware of postage, & it wasn't clear before I purchased the items that they incurred other charges. She informed me that it was very clear that they stated this on all their purchases, but that's not true. I always use eBay & amazon & they always clearly state that there r or r not any delivery charges. Anyway she informed me that there was a £4.99 outstanding for EACH ITEM!! I thought that was ridiculous, & too much for me to pay. So I asked her 2 refund my money, to which she said NO!!!! Apparently u only have 7 days 4 a refund. But how can that b when they ask us 2 allow 21 days for delivery!!! Anyway I'm awaiting a managers call. Will update if & when that happens.
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written by: John Irvine (2014-05-14)

Warning scam company

Warning do not use gogroupie
They are a CON!!!
This company are a SCAM company!!!
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written by: Isabel Chisholm (2014-05-12)

gps sat nav

I bought this sat nav through gogroopie with voucher system no problems at all. The company that they used was Ebuzzworld DONT USE THIS COMPANY sent me faulty goods wouldn't answer emails or give replacement or refund.Paid them a visit in Kilmarnock where the owner JAMES MURPHY used accressive behaviour. This idiot is scum and should not be allowed to trade. Police investigating this incident.GOGROOPIE SHOULD STRICT THIS COMPAMY OFF THEIR TRADING LIST THEY ARE DAMAGING GOGROOPIE GOOD NAME
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written by: Amanda payne (2014-05-11)


All the negative comments are true- ordered several items - all of which payment has been taken for and 2 months later I am still chasing every item- total rip off and I will be taking them to court if I don't receive my items or a refund in next 7 days!
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written by: Geeta (2014-05-08)

Never again

Finally got through to their new office number 02034740107 , where I spoke to a sweet girl, who promised my refund a month ago. Just off the phone again today and their IT system is down so the refund is 'going?' to take place later today. I bought an expenisve item in january and the voucher code was not working. Gogroopie ignored all contact for months. thi is the last try and then the case goes to the small court for settlement
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written by: Linda Toms (2014-05-02)


I have my voucher LOL it's not worth the paper its printed on! I have sent messages and had no response from either GoGroupie or the Pamper Me store - NEVER AGAIN - ADVISE YOUR FRIENDS!
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written by: Sarah (2014-04-29)

No item, no help , no refund

I purchased a baking product via gogroopie paying £24.99 plus p&o of £6.99 not only have I never received any goods but had no reply from any contact to the seller or gogroopie. Don't purchase they are conning people
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written by: Stephen Lynn (2014-04-28)

Missleading and a Con!

The Ad price is only for the Voucher and not the actual item because once you've bought the voucher, and received by email confirmation of purchase then you redeem it on their website otherwise you lose it after a period of time!

Also, once you've redeemed the voucher now pay £2.99 upwards for postage, and now that special offer price doesn't even feel special anymore, but just a con because you don't get a warning of it only being a voucher to redeem and no mention of P&P either till after you've purchased it!
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written by: kathy keys (2014-04-21)

none delivery

I ordered batteries in Nov 2013 and have never received them or money back despite numerous emails being sent to them!
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written by: Harriet Roots (2014-04-18)

Poor customer service, still no refund!

Worst company I have ever used! Bought some travel vouchers in January, tried to book spent over two hours on the phone while passed between several people. All dates had an extra charge which was not made clear so decided to cancel order. Sent gogroopie more than 15 emails and letters via recorded delivery, left a bad review elsewhere and suddenly was told I would receive my refund. A month later no refund. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Their customer service is non existent and they still have £1000 of our money. Total con merchants.
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written by: m a weston (2014-04-17)

undelivered goods

I ordered an item that did not arrive. after several emails and some silly answers I finally received a message saying my a/c was credited with a refund. I still don't know how to get my cash back. It should have been paid back via paypal whivh is how I paid them.
This is a waste of time complaining and writing these reviews, because no-one is interested at the company
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written by: Bekim Beici (2014-04-17)


Wery bad experience,i order tablet 6 weaks ago but my tablet never arive,i email them mor than 20 times but they never ansver,if some one have tel number please let me know thanks
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written by: Katya Maybank (2014-04-15)

4th purchase

4 purchases and 2 reviews so far - had one difficulty with one order but spoke to a lovely lady (called bree?) who was very helpful and it was sorted straight away. happy and will recommend
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written by: Neil (2014-04-11)


Could not get a voucher code to work,e-mailed GoGroopie twice,no reply,went searching for a phone number and saw the poor reviews,thought I had a problem, phoned the number that I found 020 547 40107 after the recorded message a charming young lady answered,explained my problem she could not have been more helpful,guided me through the site & bingo my goods are on the way, perhaps its the way some of the other reviewers have approached the problem,after reading all those bad reviews I felt it necessary to relay my experience, good luck to GoGroopie, I will be back
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written by: Neil (2014-04-11)


Could not get a voucher code to work,e-mailed GoGroopie twice,no reply,went searching for a phone number and saw the poor reviews,thought I had a problem, phoned the number that I found 020 547 40107 after the recorded message a charming young lady answered,explained my problem she could not have been more helpful,guided me through the site & bingo my goods are on the way, perhaps its the way some of the other reviewers have approached the problem,after reading all those bad reviews I felt it necessary to relay my experience, good luck to GoGroopie, I will be back
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written by: Barrie NEWMAN (2014-04-11)

Godds not received

I see that I am not the only person to be defrauded by this company. In October 2013 I ordered and paid for goods. After sending them three e-mails I eventually got a reply in January 2014 to the effect that they had passed on my complaint to another company. To date I have not received my goods or a refund. Do not have anything to do with this fraudulent company.
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written by: Babs (2014-04-10)

Website full of cheaters

I would advise everyone to stay off this website. I ordered a water bottle in February and the item never arrived. After numerous chasing no one has bothered to email me back, unfortunately I left it too late to raise a complaint with paypal so am now forced to contact watchdog as this is just not on. I advise all customers DO NOT BUY from this website.
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written by: Eva Moody (2014-04-10)


Of course there will be people who have had a good experience with Go Groopie, but there is a ridiculous amount of people who have basically been ripped off by this company. This company needs to be brought to book and closed down. If you have been ripped off, please report to Trading Standards and BBC watchdog.
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written by: David Goodfellow (2014-04-08)

Never Use this Company

I would advise anyone not to use this company, the thousands of reviews on this should tell you of how much they are cowboys. I am reporting them to trading standards. Paid for two vouchers on the 17th of Jan and still no product. They can not be contacted and are robbing people publicly and being allowed to get away with it.
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written by: Jacqueline Oakes (2014-04-06)

goods never recieved

I purchased through GoGroopie 2 x Ear Wax Vac on 14th February 2014, despite contacting then on numerous occasions and the supplier Ministry of Deal have had no goods and no contact from either. I will now forward my complaint to Trading Standard and seek a claim through the small claims court. They have taken my money under false advertising of products
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written by: Mathew Wilson (2014-04-03)

Ripped off!

I live in Canada and purchased the android tablet. Unknown to me that they don't ship to canada I was told by customer service that I would be refunded because I couldn't get shipment . Well, they only refunded me £9.99. They decided to keep the £59.99 I paid and no further response from them. I see now that I am not the only one ripped off. Our deal sites here in canada have way more class than this go groopie crap!
Thanks for nothing!
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written by: Bill Shaw (2014-04-02)


Paid £119.99 for a faulty tablet, after 11 emails requesting a refund they refunded £9.99 and refuse to answer further emails or correct their mistake.
Shall be informing Trading Standards or taking Gogroupie to a small claims court to recover my monies.
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written by: shazia khan (2014-03-26)

rip off company no contect numbers...

it's absalutly rubish. i would never recoment it and i would never use it. all it's products are of cheap n nasty quality over priced and mostly faulty. they never bother getting in touch with you and never bother resoulving the issue. not even the companies where we buy the products from they also don't bother responding. plz save your money and never shop from them again.
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written by: joanne (2014-03-25)

ripped off

i bought 2 items before xmas one was for my disabled son, plus i am a single mother, did not receive, e-mailed them sent them proof and still not ad a refund, i am taking them to court wont cost anything.
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written by: Insane google ranking boost (2014-03-25)

I like this website

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written by: shelly a (2014-03-23)


I don't normally write reviews but thought I should in this case. Ive bought four times from this site over the past 3 months and had no problems. delivery on one of the items was a little longer than expected but tracey at customer service contacted the seller for me and i got it 2 days later. quite happy really
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written by: mf noel (2014-03-23)

I was swindled

I bought a voucher a few months ago and when I tried to redeem it was told that it was not valid (some story about the seller running away with the money), so I lost £89 and as you can imagine am very very upset about it. Never again, I thought Gogroopie was reliable, apparently not!
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written by: Ruth Hamilton Alexander (2014-03-20)

good experience

I see lots of people with issues on here so I just wanted to share my good experience! I ordered one item from them late November and I had it the following week. No queries, quibbles or problems!
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written by: StevveQ (2014-03-18)

Tanie perfumy

Your website is hot! Love deal collect

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written by: Adrian D (2014-03-18)

A merchants opinion

I have been a merchant with go groopie a number of times and found them to be great people to work with. I found the comments below troubling so I contacted my rep there who told me that they are working hard to get through a backlog which is apparently around 7 days. She also said the best way to reach them is to email and that their telephone lines will be up and running sometime next week. I thought I would share this info as I like the guys there and hopefully it is helpful to some of you. Thanks Adrian
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written by: Denise Corfield (2014-03-18)


I am trying to contact yourselves regarding a purchase I have made. BN Bullit Voucher 674324467,S/Code52F8G04367422, O/N3530372718.The order is incomplete. I wish to return it. Can you please send me a returns label.
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written by: john phillips (2014-03-18)


i ordered 2 items off gogroopie and I have received neither of them,reading all of the comments iknow im not the only one.i intend to seek legal advise,they were very quick to take the money out of my the hell do these people get away with things like this.if anyone knows a way to contact these shysters please post it online.
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written by: john phillips (2014-03-18)


i ordered 2 items off gogroopie and I have received neither of them,reading all of the comments iknow im not the only one.i intend to seek legal advise,they were very quick to take the money out of my the hell do these people get away with things like this.if anyone knows a way to contact these shysters please post it online.
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written by: Katya Maybank (2014-03-18)

Ok so far...

Some good experiences, some bad but they've always helped out when I've had issues. I hope I'm not wrong but I think they're better than some sites I've bought off before. Bit worries about some of the comments here and will let everyone know if I have a bad experience too. So far so good though...
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written by: Mike (2014-03-18)

I love to read your website

I love to read

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written by: Johny (2014-03-17)


If people want the REAL contact address and mobile number for the owner then email me, the scamming fuck needs to start refunding money! Email me
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written by: A d (2014-03-17)

Terrible company

Ordered 3 items off here in January still nothing would not buy from them AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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written by: Johny (2014-03-16)


For those who want the owners REAL contact details email me and i will give you his full name, address and mobile number, that is of course if he hasn't changed it.

This company is a scam, if you want the details then email me at
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written by: Barry (2014-03-14)

Go groopie dogs bed

Have ordered a dogs bed back in December, i chased up the item to find out the delivery date,after 6 e-mails and one week after each e-mail promises of find an answer for me. Today an e-mail is received from the company who the order was placed saying that it was shipped on the 12th December and can't find a tracking number. I even fell for them telling me that because i have a paypal dispute open then they can't post it, so being the fool i stopped the dispute on there promise of shipment but as you can see by this STILL NOTHING, so beware, will be trying to take this further.
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written by: Laura Young (2014-03-14)

9" tablet Chimp Electronics

Ordered the above 1st February 2014 for a birthday present. Have had no communication as keep e-mailing to no avail. Have also e-mailed chimp electronics still awaiting to hear from them. Also
paid for post packing. What do we do now. Are
they just taking hard earned people's money - it should not be allowed. There must be something we can do. I have to put a rating as cannot submit - 1 star but no rating really.
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written by: Andesh Shah (2014-03-14)

Refund when requested

I ordered a jewelry set a month ago - it arrived on time but I wanted to return it so sent it back to Calista Jewels. I was a bit worried after reading some reviews on here but I got a refund from Go Groopie after 8 days so they seem to be ok. I've seen other things I like so I'll try and buy again and will post my experience on here again. Fingers crossed...
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written by: penny (2014-03-14)


This is a scam. When i try to redeem my voucher it comes up as INVALID. AVOID this company.
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written by: Linda kingswell (2014-03-13)

Ordered item

Disgraceful company. Took weeks to even get acknowledgement of emails let alone any delivery. Threatened office of fair trading and reported theft before any action. 2 months later finally got delivery. Suppose that's lucky. No way should anyone use them. The one star has a minus in front of it....
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written by: BRIAN BECK (2014-03-13)

not recieved item paid for ,

paid for 9"tablet and delivery charge six weeks ago and have not recieved them all kind of contact has fail have inform my bank they are trying to recall my money if they fail their fraud department are contacting the Police.
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written by: chris bevis (2014-03-12)

con merchants

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written by: Mands (2014-03-12)

NO Refund - DO NOT USE

This company are a joke after countless emails and phoning the service line saying they are moving offices, I still have no refund. I wish I read these comments they are an absolute joke and shouldn't be allowed to continue.
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written by: Janice Lasota (2014-03-10)

9 inch tablet bundle - Go Groupie

My partner ordered a tablet bundle consisting of a 9 inch tablet, case & keyboard for his mum who was only widowed last year & she wanted to keep in touch with the rest of the family. We ordered the tablet & paid for it on 9th February & the next day entered the voucher code & paid the additional post & packing. The delivery should have been 21 days and we are still waiting for the tablet. We have tried emailing Go Groupie and calling Outstanding Products, the product supplier. They do not pick up their calls no matter what time or day it is & we have heard nothing from Go Groupie. Has anyone else managed to contact Outstanding Products or even ordered and received a similar item around that time. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Janice and Andy
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written by: marta rearden (2014-03-10)


I ordered a voucher in November and it did not work. Sent 4 emails to GoGroupie and the company but NO REPLY. By 22nd December I started sending more emails but the response was "5 days needed to reply ". It is more like 5 weeks. 4 months later I am still waiting for a refund. ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL COMPANY.
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written by: Carine Fritz (2014-03-09)

No response

I ordered an. LED watch for £4.99 and paid p&p last Monday 3/3/14. Up to today no email to nenable me to order the colour and give them my delivery details. I emailed them the next day but no respone.
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written by: Mandy Marshall (2014-03-07)


The vouchers I ordered did not work. They wait for weeks to respond to your e-mail and then their responses don't make sense. 6 weeks later and I am still trying to get my money back.
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written by: george (2014-03-04)


Bought laptop through them paid £12 delivery it was totally inadequate returned the laptop November 2013 at a further cost of £12 after several emails to go groopie and the firm who supplied the laptop they said they would refund the cost of laptop only( so I would be out of pocket £24) That was 2nd feb 2014 and it would take 7 to 14 days to go into my account. It is march the 2014 still waiting.I have also not had 2 sets heads for oral b electric toothbrush at £1 a piece and fusion razors at £12 pound.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY
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written by: Katherine Martin (2014-03-03)

Go Groopie / Megadeals

DO NOT USE GO GROOPIE & MEGADEALS UK. I placed an order or an item before Xmas, item never turned up, Go Groopie & Megadeals UK do not respond to your emails, I haven't had a refund. They are thieves. DO NOT USE
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written by: Elaine Rogerson (2014-03-02)

Gogroupie and sugarushlove boots

My second order with Gogroupie 2 pair of fashion snow boots, got the vouchers paid the carriage to the elected company on 27th December for a birthday present giving plenty of time for delivery a whole month later. All monies taken from my account, but no delivery, could not get answer from the company order going through either by phone or email. Frustrated enough to email Trading standards telling the seller I had done this and surprise, surprise I received an email instructing Gogroupie to refund this customer no apology no explanation, nothing, no refund yet received for 2 x Carriage Paid To seller and still no refund from the vouchers purchased either. Unfortunately still waiting for a reply from Trading Standards. So I do agree with the reviews on this page and there should be a zero star rating option for incidences like these where it goes horribly wrong.
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written by: Susan Rex (2014-02-27)

Credit voucher

I sent payment for a iPhone charger,a few weeks later having not received voucher,I emailed gogroopie. Apparently I omitted to include p&p!! But as the deal is well passed, the only option was credit as a"goodwill gesture" I've tried to order more items using my credit, and can't access my account, and every time I email the deals are passed, this has been since August 2013. You email, wait for reply, email reply, wait for reply. You can't phone to talk to anyone direct to get it sorted in one go. I've emailed the " director" no response. Not at all customer friendly. If I ever get this sorted, and I don't hold out much hope, I hope never to deal with this company again.
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written by: Cassie (2014-02-23)

Fake voucher, do not use

I brought a £15 voucher from Gogroopie and received it almost straight away. I waited until it was valid (after 3pm the next day) and tried to use it. It said the voucher was invalid so I emailed the company. I waited a few days and received no response. so emailed them again, again receiving no response. I then sent them a few messages directly through the contradict form on the website with no luck. I couldn't find a phone number anywhere.
Luckily I paid with Paypal so was able to open a claim. Again there was nothing from the company so I escalated the claim and Paypal received no response from then so they refunded me money. It took a few weeks but at least I got my money back.
Do not use this website, they are a scam!!
If you are tempted, then use Paypal so at least you are protected.
They should not be trading, disgusting
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written by: Aftab Rajput (2014-02-21)

Purchased Razor Blades

I purchased razor blades for £12 and paid for them by Debit card in December 2013. I have not received any blades or explanation from Go Groopie.

Will you either send me the goods or refund my money.

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written by: Tim (2014-02-21)

GoGroopie deals

*WARNING* STAY CLEAR, THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY WITH NO INTENTION OF SENDING GOODS OR REFUND. I only lost £14 but they are making a fortune ripping us off. I only give 1 star because you cant leave it with none
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written by: kiera (2014-02-19)

go groupie scam company

I purchase a cheap item that arrived very quickly, so I went on to order another item which was £12.99 but a voucher, which I could not redeem.
When I emailed them I found out that the e mail addressed does not exist. So please be aware the first cheap order may go smooth, due to them waiting for a larger amount to scam you.
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written by: Mary M (2014-02-19)

Vouchers don't work

DO NOT BUY from this company they are con merchants I have purchased four of the deals advertised and NONE of the vouchers have worked they do not respond tone mails they are nothing but thieves, they should be closed down rubbish rubbish rubish
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written by: Margaret coburn (2014-02-18)


I paid for four candles. They weren't anything like I ordered. They are trash from China. I have emailed at least ten times. No replies, no telephone number. Any one know where you can report these people to.
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written by: fiona (2014-02-17)


Ordered a hula hoop that has never m materialised and unable to process a voucher for another item. Kept telling m e the voucher had expired even though l ess than a week old. Emails have gone unanswered. Avoid .
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written by: C Hewlett (2014-02-16)

voucher refund

Bought voucher in October for hotel stay this was not honoured and went back to go groupie and was told refund in 7 days. 35 e mails and one reply to say how busy they were and still no refund. Worst company I have ever dealt with. they cannot be so busy not to reply unless they are as incompetent as there response times show in nearly every case I have read. Beware of this company
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written by: Kristina (2014-02-13)

Refund requested 2 months ago-not honoured!

I have requested a refund for a product that was not delivered back in December 2013. Somebody replied to one of my countless emails that the refund will be issued within 7-14 working days. Guess what, I haven't received it almost 2 months later. What these people are doing are criminal yet alone immoral. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE CROOKS IN THE MAKING! I have contacted Trading Standards and they are looking into it. I suggest that all people who suffered injustice by this company to CONTACT TRADING STANDARDS to ensure that this company is shut down!
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written by: William Philpot (2014-02-12)

GoGroopie scams

This is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I purchased a voucher in November for a ladies parka. The company (DFashion) only once contacted and that was for the voucher number as I could not get it to work. Despite numerous e-mails to them and gogroopie, it took until 19th December to get gogroopie to agree to a refund, which should have been paid within 28days! After contacting them again at the end of January 2014, they said it would be dealt with asap. It is now February 12th and I am still waiting. This company should not be allowed to trade in any shape or form.
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written by: Amy (2014-02-11)

online course

Was a little anxious when read all the negative reviews. I purchased a voucher for an online study course and then emailed the company my voucher number. Two days later I received all the course material. Very quick service and I am a happy customer. Would definitely use them again
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written by: BB (2014-02-10)


Purchased a voucher to use with Vitus Products. Goods never arrived despite countless emails (Vitus Products conveniently only provide an email address - no other contact details). Finally received a refund for the voucher cost from Go Groopie after about 5 months, but am still waitin for Vitus Products to refund my postage costs after 6 months !! CROOKS !!!!!
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written by: Mandy Marshall (2014-02-08)


Keep away. Vouchers don't work takes weeks for them to respond to email. Still waiting girl a refund
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written by: frank (2014-02-08)

stole money from account

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written by: Nicky Diston (2014-02-07)


Bought two items from them. Received neither. Phoned 5 times and promised a refund. Never received!
I give up!
DON'T use them, ever!
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written by: Jenny (2014-02-06)


Had problems redeeming my voucher in the first instance and then waited 4 weeks to receive the wrong product. Still waiting for this to be sorted despite numerous emails to customer support. I have had no refund and still haven't received the correct product, this has been going on since the start of December. Appalling service I will never use them again!
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written by: teresa armstrong (2014-02-06)

Wont give me my money back

I ordered good back in November 2013 as Christmas presents. I had terrible trouble trying to redeem the voucher codes, Go Groopie took money from my account for these goods but they have never been received. I asked for a refund and was told it would be credited back into my account. Now I have an email saying im not eligible for a refund because I didn't cancel my voucher within the 7 days! It has taken me almost three months to get an answer from someone then they say im not getting my money back. I will take this further if I don't hear anything within 14 days.
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written by: Tais Oliveira (2014-02-06)

Bad quality items & support

I bought 4 items from Go groopie and there were problems with 2 of them. I had no address to contact the supplier and never got a refund or the item replaced. If you do not want problems. DO NOT USE GO GROOPIE
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written by: bob (2014-02-06)


Do not deal with this company all they will do is take your money and you will not here from them again. Please pass this on to all your contacts..
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written by: Elaine Murdoch (2014-02-04)


I ordered 2 hand held games in November and a snow scooter at the beginning of December. Never received any of them dispite me sending them countless emails. I decided I wanted my money back! Not heard a peep from them.... But they weren't long taking the £60 out my bank..
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written by: Paul (2014-02-04)

GoGroopie Scam

Ordered goods to value of £8.99 jan early around 2nd.
it didnt arrive by 16th, sent email... no response... sent another no response... sent 5 emails not one single response. Found a number online for them. Says they are changing offices and will open the lines mid-jan... Its Feb 4th... This company is a complete joke needs and needs to be reported they cannot be allowed to continue to trade in this way Im beyond frustration.
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written by: kelly smith (2014-02-04)

Great item

Bought a travel deal from go groopie which was amazing. went to amsterdam with flights and accommodation included and had a great time. Thank you very much
Review useful? (3) (2)

written by: John Hudson (2014-02-04)


I ordered goods at they beginning of December which failed to be delivered although Go Groopie took my money. Do not have any dealings with this company. Also, I wouldn't take too much notice of the "glowing reviews" for Go Groopie on this site either!
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written by: Sirje (2014-02-04)

Missing Vouchers

I made a order on 12th/13th December for the shower heads and i did not even get the vouchers. I have contacted monthly them but apart from twice replying me that yes i ordered and they will sort it out. But nothing has happened.
I even contacted the seller. They try to help but now they gave up and told me that it's between me and Gogroopie.
Even thou they know it was their system error they have not bothered to reissue the vouchers or refund that over £60 i spent.
It's sad as i have got good stuff from them before and was going to order more but now i will place a complaint in trading standards authority.
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written by: CAROL (2014-02-03)

Do not use this site

I ordered some Christmas crackers which should have arrived in November they still haven't and I did EVENTUALLY MANAGE to get someone on the phone just after new year and she said I would be getting a refund in 7 to 14 days am still waiting they are very hard to get in touch with
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written by: Mike Catterall (2014-02-02)

Rip off company

Bad experiences from Gogroopie, as many other people have.
Does anyone know what can be done or who to contact to either stop this company trading altogether, or force them to improve their service, because the present situation is totally unacceptable.
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written by: Mike Catterall (2014-02-02)

After sales service

There are many items which are worth buying, as I have several times, but if something goes wrong and you need to contact them, they are not only poor, they are disgraceful.
My recent purchase was a security camera for £49, which I cannot set up because the instructions are in Chinese, but to get some help and advice is impossible as they just refuse to reply, this not the first time and PayPal have had to intervene to resolve the problem. (In my favour)
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written by: Geeta (2014-02-01)

Gogroopie is a SCAM

Ordered a bed and the voucher does not work. Several emails and it has not gone through as the code is wrong it says. The bed company LMH also does not take any responsibility as they say they only get the money when they deliver. Nobody answers their mails. Has anyone police reported them yet? I'd like to see the owner sued
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written by: Annie dK (2014-02-01)

* * * Ps... * * *

Very happy to join a fellow poster here and take my complaint to Watchdog and the Office of Fair Trading, companies such as these shouldn't be allowed to get away with cheating their customers!
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written by: Elaine zep (2014-01-30)

retro handheld game

Do not use this site i ordered a hand held retro game 1899 and postage in nov it still hasnt arrivec and iv emailed twice this site wants shutting down
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written by: sharon white (2014-01-30)

great service

very impressed with how pain free my request to be refunded was. Requested to cancel, didn't get a reply for a few days but then issued no questions asked
Review useful? (2) (2)

written by: Caz (2014-01-30)


I ordered a hula hoop of their site on the 20th! no voucher cannot get an answer by email and no number to contact do not use this company!!!!
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written by: B kaliray (2014-01-30)


Bought keypad from mytouchscreen through gogroopie voucher .ended up paying full amount £74.99 as voucher worth £16.99 was note redeemed when paying through paypal for some reason . After a month of complaining to my
Tried giving them zero rating bu email would not publish touchscreen. The key board arrived .its a cheap product only worth the voucher payment . So far no refund has been made to me by the company . Go Groopie have not resolved the issue , responded once to ask what the problem was after that failed to respond to my almost daily emails
PayPal say it's a matter for gogroopie to deal with not there concern although I said when paying I put in voucher details as asked but final payment was full amount still . What to do .?? Do not use GOGROOPIE
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written by: Mr A Coles (2014-01-30)

items not received

I ordered 4 items on the site and my bank account was debited with the money but the items have not arrived despite me ordering them at the beginning of Dec 2103, I have repeatedly E mailed them and have had no reply, they take your money and do not deliver, are they just ONE BIG SCAM COMPANY
Review useful? (8) (1)

written by: Rachel Wilks (2014-01-28)


TOday their website won't load despite me having received a marketing email from them. I suspect that they may have actually ceased trading so be careful folks.
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written by: sunny (2014-01-27)

wont reply

i order fucking 2 tablet and they wont refund or pick up gay company don't deserve a star
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written by: Laura fotheringham (2014-01-27)

No I team and no refund

I ordered a jacket for my sister on 16/11/13 and I still jave not received my team. I attempted to contact both go groopie and paypal regarding this and only 2-3weeks ago I received an email sayin i would be issued with a refund but still I have not received this !!! I am angered as it was a gift for my sister for Christmas!!! I will now be taking further action as this is beyond a joke!!!!i can't find a telephone number to call and I have sent numerous emails and only received 1 back!!!!!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Mrs Elisabeth Wilde (2014-01-27)

Gents titanium bracelet and 4leaf clover necklace

I ordered these items and the money was taken from my paypal ac.but did not relieve either.i contacted Gogroopie and had an email to say it would be checked but have had no reply since.
The bracelet was for my grandson who had just lost his dad to cancer so obviously we are upset.these items were ordered in November.the bracelet was from trendybanana and I have had no luck contacting them .it may not be a large amount but it is the principle .i hung on for the delivery until Christmas Eve and then had to rush out to buy him a gift.
I hope you may be able to give me an answer.sincerely yours,
Betty Wilde
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written by: Rebecca (2014-01-23)

Refund back

Cancelled my voucher straight away with go groopie and didn't get a response for about two weeks but got an apology and reply today and refund is on it's way
Review useful? (3) (1)

written by: Andrew Davidson (2014-01-22)

No Goods and No Refund

Purchased goods 26/11/13 paid P/P 27/11/13. By 27/12/13 no goods received and refund requested. Merchant issued refund for P/P but despite more tnan 6 emails no refund of £19.99 from goghroopie. I will never shop with this site again. When I look at the comments below I wonder why they are allowed to trade. Does anyone have gogroopies Tel Number? My rating would be 0/5 but you are obliged to give them something.
Review useful? (4) (1)

written by: Emmalouise (2014-01-22)


I placed an order in November an after 7days they said I wud get my goods which that did not happen so I said I wud like my refund back they said 7/14 days now it's been over 3weeks an till have not had money back an no email I wud NOT order from gogroopie again they r a waste of time an I am goin to look into take the matter else where!!
Review useful? (6) (2)

written by: Samuel Branton (2014-01-21)

gogroopie review

I initially gave them a bad rating, they had not (and still have not) replied to my email, although the supplier did, and sent me the product I had bought, which is fabulous. All those having problems just persevere, contact the supplier and have a little faith.
Review useful? (2) (2)

written by: louis (2014-01-21)


Groupon may be the best dealer in most people opinion most likely due to the size of their subscriber base but the deals are far cheaper on other sites? why pay more when you could pay less for the EXACT same product. these are a great company and have a great CS team. same products as groupon at half the price. :). also what people tend to forget a lot of these sites sell Thousands on every deal out of maybe 80+ deals running a week so off course there are bound to be some problems.
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Fran Davies (2014-01-20)

GoGroupie stole my money

SEnt £19 for voucher, after one month I managed to get them ion the phone, they promised me a refund and now won't answer the phone or refund my money. Repeated emails are ignored. I have had to put one star to get this published but I think a rather smelly icon would be more appropriate!

Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: MALCOLM DENNINGBERG (2014-01-20)


to add to my last review, i wish i had read all the comments regarding this rubbish company before i had ordered from them! think its about time the authorities stepped in to stop people like this from conning our money out of us! c ome on gogroopie pay up what is owed to us, read these comments yourselves.
Review useful? (8) (2)

written by: malcolm denningberg (2014-01-20)

rubbish company

I ordered two items through gogroopie money taken but no goods received, lots of e-mails,non answered,phone says moving premises should be available middle of january its now 20th jan, way past middle. Think this company living off good name of groupon, but is just here to get peoples money. Am fed up with scum like this scamming us its time they were stopped. will be seeking legal advice. SCUM,SCUM,SCUM.
Review useful? (7) (1)

written by: Linsey (2014-01-20)

My sons xmas prezzie

I ordered three items of go groupie I received two of them but is still currently waiting for the third which happened to be a retro handheld games console from party must haves I phoned which I phoned again in jan and they said it been sent out still nothing so emailed go groupie and had no reply I am really disappointed because I thought that this was a legit site and would of been a very good customer but hey ho won't be going on this site again
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: bill (2014-01-18)

bike face mask

keeeeeeep away from this so called company took money nothing came opened case with paypal to sort out this is 5 weeks still nothing yet RIPOFFFFFFFFF I HAVE TO GIVE ONE STAR TO POST THIS REVIEW i would give them nothing at all
Review useful? (5) (1)

written by: Arran Middleton (2014-01-17)

No item no refund

same old story it seems. I'm off to watchdog and trading standards. Rating is actually zero but I had to click one star! for this to be published!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Mr K Williams (2014-01-17)

Duracell Batteries Offer

I to had purchased Duracell batteries from a go Groupie advert, and never received them, when i tried to contact the seller and entered their e mail address which was in English, it changed to Chinese and told me no such e mail, I think Go Groupie should refund all monies owing to the customers then take it up with the Chinese rogues as yet again one cannot trust China in any way for delivery of what is more than likely Duracell counterfeit goods, and there are a lot of them around, in future Go Groupie are banned from my PC I hope others do the same.
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written by: steve lawrence (2014-01-16)

no refund,no replies

I purchased two bags for £12 on 5th november 2013 they never arrived. I have contacted gogroopie many times and they have never replied to any emails. Stay away from them. They took my money!!!
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Sharon Lovell (2014-01-15)


Lack of communication from them and when I did they gave me no option no refund just a credit so I told them I didn't want that and I've heard nothing since a lesson to be learnt to be beguiled by there so called deals and I wouldn't touch the with a barge pole
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Chris Smalley (2014-01-14)


I purchased 2 9" Smartpads for my grandsons Christmas presents. They arrived in time for Christmas but unfortunately they don't charge up properly. I have contacted the supplier on numerous occasions but they have not helped. They promised to send a new charger but have not. They do not answer the phone. I would advise anyone not to use this company as the goods are faulty and no one will help you. I am not happy at all!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: alana marno (2014-01-13)

9" tablet

i am appalled by this company , i bought a 9" tablet for my partner for xmas he got them today 13th jan 2014 when he opened up the tablet and switched it on it had BEEN USEd!!!! as there was a little girl drinking a milkshake on it , FAKE FAKE FAKE COMPANY i am going to report this to all tv shows and the papers & then i am going to visit your little shop to ask in person what THE FUCK do you think you are playing at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! minus fucking 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Mr K.G.Williams (2014-01-13)

Duracell Batteries Offer

I ordered the Duracell Batteries Offer from Party Must Haves through Go Groopie and never received them, and I am still fighting my case now in Jan 2013, biggest problem is that if you copy their e mail address and paste it onto the mail it comes up as not known as it is all in Chinese,
I do not blame Groopie for this but I think it is a scam, I do not trust the Chinese one bit, they seem to have forgers and scam artists by the thousands, but the Chinese Government do nothing to bring them under control, on the advert they give you an e mail address to complain to but if you copy and paste it turns to Chinese writing and tells you it is not known, very clever the Chinese always have been, I will not buy anything using Go Groopie again as i do not think they do enough checks on their vendors with special deals.
Be Warned!!
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written by: Danielle (2014-01-12)

Item never arrived

My mother ordered a tablet for Christmas. Was paid for but Go groopie claim they have no record of order although money was happily withdrawn from her account by them. My mother has written several emails to them, each response is the same saying they have no record.
Utterly disgusted with this website and now seeking legal matter.
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written by: Sonja m Ashcroft (2014-01-12)


add mine to list, at side of bank statement it does give thier nos,The office are supposed to be moving so no support but still can use e-mail (hah ha) Onlr recourse is trading standards
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written by: Sonja m Ashcroft (2014-01-12)


add mine to list, at side of bank statement it does give thier nos,The office are supposed to be moving so no support but still can use e-mail (hah ha) Onlr recourse is trading standards
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: pnny (2014-01-12)

refunds not a problem !!!!!

they most defiantly are ! I ordered a kindle cover in December for £9.99 which was supposedly saving £50 ish . I saw the same thing on ebay for £3.99 and free postage. according to go groupie website refunds are ok within 7 days ,so I send an email an hour later to cancel the order. I got an acknowledgement saying they were busy but had recieved it. I have sent a further 5 mails and still no refund or any further mails from them. very poor service. I think go groupie might be gone soon !!!
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Shabih Abbas (2014-01-11)

ID 96S12921B0610135H

Seven inch Android smart pad was ordered for £ 39 on 26th Nov., 2013. 00 Its payment made through PayPal. Did not receive goods until 15th Dec., 2013. Cancelled the order and approached PayPal for refund. They did nothing. Instead closed my case on 4th Jan., 2014. Seems PayPal also part of game. Good luck - PayPal and GoGroopie ! There are so many innocent people in UK.
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: mrs angela passmore (2014-01-10)

no delivery or refund

please can I have a refund of £7-99 for order I have not recived
Review useful? (3) (1)

written by: Mhopkins (2014-01-09)

Rome trip

Today it looks like I've finally been given a full refund.This is after following the advice given to me by my bank,who actually took time to log into gogroupie website and look thoroughly at their terms and conditions .I have been emailing and calling gogroupie on a daily basis and still no one has bothered to acknowledge my original order or respond to my many emails.I would strongly urge everyone to avoid this company,their so called customer service is non existent yet they are super quick at taking money immediately from your account! If like me you made the mistake of checking their reviews after you've parted with your money get in touch with your bank,mine,first direct,we're excellent and I'm convinced that it was their input into my many emails that has resulted into my full refund,as I see from some of the reviews that some people are waiting months down the line..I really hope that this company gets what it deserves for the stress and upset it's caused so many people.such a shame it doesn't have a minus rating!!
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: Mrs E Anderson (2014-01-08)

9inch tablet

I wish i had had read some of the reviews before. I ordered a 9inch tablet on 9th December. You can guess.Yes i'm still waiting.Despite many emails no one had the decency to get back to me. The supplier has been helpful even emailing on my behalf still no joy. I still have a little faith left so you never know.By the way when praise is due i will give that praise.
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: JH (2014-01-07)

Swarovski Ring

I "took advantage" on one of Gogroopies offers. Money left my account on the 23 October. Despite emails to Calista Jewellers in Birmingham and complaint to Gogroopie item still not received and £99 not refunded. Guess I was the one who was taken advantage of. I have taken to facebook to name and shame this particular company. Suggest everyone does the same.....use the power of a networking site for a good cause! If half my friends share the post ....the contacts reached will be well worth it! I prefer to leave no rating...but what do you know, it wont let me!!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Maxine Hopkins (2014-01-06)

Rome trip including flights

Can anyone tell me an email address for these cowboys,I've emailed them via their site where customer services are supposedly meant to email you back!! Four emails later still no response!
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Theresa (2014-01-06)

Go groopie

Terrible company . Purchased two vouchers fir two watches redeemed vouchers and paid the postage this was on device very the 8th still no goods and no response to my emails. Just called the phone number and was presented with voice message then cut off . Brilliant con merchants DONT USE THEM is my advice .
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: david (2014-01-05)


Total fukn Arseholes ok u got a free shot keep the money
Review useful? (7) (3)

written by: jean (2014-01-05)


hi I ordered 7inch android tablet 26th December of gogroopie received it on 4th January 2014 my first experience with this firm no trouble at all
Review useful? (2) (1)

written by: Shytype (2014-01-04)

Telephone Number

I have found a TELEPHONE NUMBER for GoGroopie if like me, you wish to contact them by PHONE: 020 3474 0107
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Shytype (2014-01-04)

Goods Not Received

I order on the 17th December and today 4 January I still have not received my voucher. I only spent £2.99, but even these small amounts of payments can add up to a huge amount.

Needless to say, I won't be using this company in future.
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Liesl (2014-01-04)

non receipt of goods

I paid £95 on 21st November. for an electric fire from better bargains to date I have not received fire and e-mails to both gogroopie and better bargains have been ignored. I am now going to ask my card issuer to assist in getting mymoney back DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY .
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Lisa (2014-01-03)


Stunned at the amount of people complaining about this SO CALLED Company !
still waiting on 2 items and like most of us I am ignored but very quick taking my cash something needs to be done its shocking would never ever use these scammers again -100
Review useful? (9) (1)

written by: margie (2014-01-02)


never trust this company.
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: egrew (2013-12-31)

smooth process

i have no complaint with this company i redeemed my voucher with the seller and my goods arrived in time for christmas in the advised delivery time and my kids are happy.
Review useful? (2) (2)

written by: milto (2013-12-31)

Never use Gogroopie

I like many others have ordered from this company. I immediately decided I would like a refund as didn't need the goods. I have emailed constantly eventually got an email and was told refund within 14 days but nothing. Every email is ignored. these are obviously con artists. If there was a 0 rating I would give it 0
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Karen (2013-12-31)


Same as many others, I redeemed my deal on 24.11.13 for the smartpad from j&y. Recd no confirmation so tried to redeem again but voucher code not working plus they had taken postage. Emailed j&y and gogroopie multiple times over 1 month to no avail. Eventually get a reply from j&y saying no record of my code.... Total scam, this was supposed to be a Christmas present for my daughter. 50.00 out of pocket. Will never use gogroopie again.
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: diane richards (2013-12-30)


got there in the end and got my refund back. they have just been very delayed in response times because of christmas
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: n gartside (2013-12-29)

non delivery

I ordered goods luckily only to the value of £6 and never received. I sent two E-mails and still did not get a reply. This company is disgraceful and should never be trusted.
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: J Bell (2013-12-29)


DO NOT TOUCH THIS CO: I too am contacting my solicitor!!!! I have written to this company and to the vendor many times about goods I bought on 1 December for my granddaughter's Christmas which to date I have NOT received. I am also writing to Companies House about this.
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: H Smith (2013-12-27)

Purchase not received

Ordered 3 car seats back in November. Chased several times with both gogroopie and the merchant Livmore. No response from gogroopie and Livmore told me to basically go away and just wait until they get around to dispatching the goods. I'm fuming and will ask my sister (who is a solicitor) to get this resolved. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING THROUGH THIS COMPANY! I certainly will not be caught twice. Minus 5star rating
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Ashley (2013-12-27)


020 3474 0107 is GoGroopies contact number. Rang them today and got an answer. Hope this helps :)
Review useful? (11) (0)

written by: P. Nanda (2013-12-26)

so unprofessional people

Please people be aware as when you order they take money for the good , goods not delivered on time ,and when arrives it is faulty plus they do not reply to you emails and no chance of Refunds. I have lost so much money ,
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Teresa (2013-12-25)

bracelet not received

My partner is still waiting for my Christmas present to arrive, quick enough to take the money but will not reply to any emails. Do not waste your time with this company
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Lina Iannarilli (2013-12-23)

Voucher for J & Y Ltd 7 Inch Android SmartPad 4.1 HD Bundle

Do not bother. I ordered this in November. It eventually arrived mid-December. The plug was broken, so I couldn't charge it. I emailed ofr a replacement. And again. And again.

They are utterly useless. Please do not order anything from these people.
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: I.M.M (2013-12-23)

non-delivered order

I have never, ever, dealt with a company so completely unable to communicate. I have emailed 3 times and not had a reply. I have emailed the seller of the item I ordered and paid for, and not had a reply either. It looks like a total scam and I would warn everyone NOT to part with any money to this company. My rating is MINUS 10
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Lorrainexx (2013-12-23)

7" Tablet

Has anyone received the 7" tablet yet? I ordered mine 6 weeks and still not arrived
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: Tina (2013-12-23)


I ordered from J & Y well within schedule for xmas delivery recieved email saying they would despatch between 16th and 19th dec but guaranteed xmas delivery I am still waiting not impressed as this is grandons xmas present.
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Claire (2013-12-23)


I am really upset and disappointed I have ordered a Tablet and what caught my eye was that it would be Ideal Christmas Gift well her I am still waiting for my daughters Christmas present to be delivered and since I ordered it weeks and weeks ago my code has never worked I have rang hundred's of times aswell as send emails to no avail so it looks like my next move is to report to Watchdog. Thanks for spoiling our Xmas.
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: Joanne Saunders (2013-12-22)

Shocking !!

Really bad experience ordered a satchel for my daughter about 6 weeks ago still waiting after numerous e-mails .
Contacted go groopie who responded once and never again , also contacted seller as well same thing .
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY , if it looks to good to be true it is ! have reported to watch dog which we all need to do that have had bad experiences .
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: Jackie (2013-12-20)

Gogroopie SCAM

DO NOT USE this company!!! Ordered 2 x tablets 5 weeks ago still not received. Rang J & Y they said they were only dispatch company delay in orders. Guess what still no tablets. These to companies in cahoots with each other. I raised dispute with paypal, com got my money back!!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: dawn (2013-12-19)

android tablet

Purchased 2 of these deals. Tried several times over past few wks to order them from J & Y website but says the voucher codes are invalid. Asked for a call back from J & Y to see if this could be resolved, have not received any callback. Tried telephoning them but cannot get through to speak to anyone. Have just sent a query through to Go Groopie, but reading these comments not expecting a response. Have a legal background though, so I WILL get my money refunded, confident of that. Will keep you all posted.
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: Jimmy Lang (2013-12-19)

Voucher for J & Y Ltd 7 Inch Android SmartPad 4.1 HD Bundle

Looking at these review, you can add me to the list. Bought the voucher, have been charged £9.99 for delivery but 3 wks, nothing. Have made several attempts to contact the provider on a 0844 contact number without any success. My only conclusion is this was a scam and I hold Gogroupie equally responsible. First time I have used them but would never again.
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: pauline bird (2013-12-19)


I ordered 2 of the same products at £9 each, which I subsequently cancelled. I was only refunded £9 instead of £18. I have emailed them twice, and have not heard. Also, the money was paid into my Gogroppie account and not my original bank account
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Jacqueline Gunning (2013-12-18)

7" Tablet Bundle.

Gogroopie tel number 0203 4740107
I have recently e.mailed and called the number above regarding my delivery of the 7" Tablet Bundle. I am hoping that all the poor reviews that I have since read on here will NOT be proven correct. I have given a 1 star rating for now as it is a requirement to do so in order to process my review. I will keep you all informed of my progress.....J x
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Carole hierlehy (2013-12-18)


please dont use this company, they are useless. I ordersome bracelets on the 7thnovember and have still not recived them,so i have lost 11.99, not a lot of money i know but its theway they are conning people.
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Judith (2013-12-18)


Still awaiting my 7" tablet to arrive, would have placed more orders, but now their loss! Total shite! 5 weeks ago!
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: Judith (2013-12-18)


Still awaiting my 7" tablet to arrive, would have placed more orders, but now their loss! Total shite!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Pat Lewin (2013-12-18)

Water Speakers

I ordered my item on the 19th November on behalf of a relative. Despite receiving email on the 29th November advising the item had been despatched it still has not arrived, I have sent numerous emails and made a number of calls to this company, I had a reply to one of my emails on 10th December advising the item had been despatched and would arrive within 3/4 day, yet again nothing arrived. I have managed today to get through on the phone and the person who answered has advised it was despatched yesterday ans should be with me today or tomorrow. (I won't hold my breath) When I asked what the problem is, I was told they were sorry but due to Christmas deliveries thery had been very busy and the caller then hung up almost immediately. I am very upset and angry regarding this matter, and I will not be using or recommending them to anybody else.
Review useful? (7) (1)

written by: Denise Hill (2013-12-18)

LED Earimgs

Im sick of sendingn them E Mails they just dont reply I have been ripped off for £9.00 it might not be a fortune to anybody else but I feel really peeved and will never buy from them again
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Julia Bruce (2013-12-18)

havent recieved my goods

i would not reccomend go groupie to anybody and wish I had read the other reviews first 23 days and still no delivery.I think this site should be reported and investigated.
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Carol Paxton (2013-12-17)

Bad News

I ordered two bags in November and despite over 15 emails I have not recieved anything. I did get one reply telling me it would be 21 working days for delivery. After further emails the replies I get are exactly the same, that they have been dispatched and I should recieve them in the next few days. Highly unlikely I now think. Now going to try the phone number and the next plan is my credit card company. Certainly would never use them again.
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Lindsey (2013-12-17)

Absolute rubbish!

I ordered two Android tablets from GoGroopie on 25th November and cancelled one of the orders on the same day. I didn't claim the voucher and sent an email to cancel to their customer service address as advised on the bottom of my voucher. I sent several emails and called them and eventually I received an email back on the 9th December saying that my money would be sent back. I still haven't received it. I also still haven't received the existing order. I have called them at least 3 times and have been told different information.

I will never ever ever buy a product from them again, they are an absolutely awful company and if you actually want the product that you pay for then I would not buy from them!!!!
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Tarvo (2013-12-17)

No Voucher

One thing is if Voucher to not work. If it's good merchant they help you as happened to me once. A lot worst is when you buy something and they to not send voucher at all but they take money from your account. It's almost week and regardless that i send every day mail they to not even bother to acknowledge it. Fix it soon or i need to look legal help.
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Norman Duguid (2013-12-16)

Nothing received

Do not touch gogroupie with a barge poll they are not fit to work for anyone never mind run a company well they can't run a company!!! no answers from them no emails nothing and most of their offers you can buy on ebay cheaper don't get scammed stay away from these gits.
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Bernice Wolfenden (2013-12-14)


After successfully using Groupon and Wowcher I tried Gogroopie BUT not a success. Couldn't get the voucher code accepted by the merchant. Notified Gogroopie and the email came back. Only sticking one star on because this site makes you. They deserve a minus star. Getting nowhere with my request for a refund. Avoid.
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: colette (2013-12-12)


Name and shame this company on facebook and twitter! I have bad publicity for them and they will lose sales if you ask friends to keep sharing!!!!
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: colette (2013-12-12)


I ordered two items from gogroupie that never arrived. I sent emails and tried to get refund! Never got refund or goods! Rip off! Stay clear of this company!!!!!!!!!!!
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: Patricia mccabe (2013-12-12)

Santa wine carrier

I ordered one of the Santa wine carriers about two and half months ago they sent my voucher to my emails straight away since then I have tried a million times to activate it i have also wrote to them (no answer) although I only paid five pounds it still goes to show what horrible people they are and are working the site corruptly.I will be taking this further not even half a star
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: karen hedderwick (2013-12-10)

invalid voucher

Have had a bad experience with go groupie, my first time trying this voucher game. When I tried to use my voucher I was told it was invalid as it ran out of date the day I bought it!!! have tried e-mailing a couple of times with no reply so won't use go groupie again ridiculous that they are willing to take your money but can't even answer your messages- maybe try trading standards see what they have to say.
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Barney (2013-12-10)

9" tablet not received!!!

Ordered tablet didn't arrive,no response to emails sent absolute waste of time,used paypal so opened a dispute but so much hassle!!!
Rubbish go groupie!!!!!!
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: d j cox (2013-12-09)

non-receipt of goods

I too have been duped. ordered 2 personalised Christmas books for children I look after but after e-mailing them 3 times think I will also contact Watchdog. Does anyone have a phone number for them?
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Nicola craighill (2013-12-05)

Dog beds

Totally ripped of by this company, taken money via PayPal and goods never dispatched. Emails back and forth, proof of payment sent, no response. Rip off merchant
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Jo Costello (2013-12-05)

Go Groopie

I bought 3 vouchers for watches. Redeemed only one due to the longer delivery than quoted, contacted Go Groopie 4-6 times & no reply. Does anyone have a number for them?? They are just shocking & blocked me from their FB page after I asked for an email reply!!!
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: leigh (2013-12-01)

go groopie

I spoken to watchdog who are investigating them. However after getting a solicitor friend to call them I eventually got what I had paid for although the hassle caused me so much stress!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Ijeoma Anyanwu (2013-11-28)

This is a Scam

A friend introduced me to gogroopie and i purchased a 9inch Android bundle which the money was deducted immediately and an invalid voucher code was sent. I have sent series of emails to gogroopie without any reply. I have asked for a refund of my money still nothing has been done and no reply. I need a number to call them directly
Review useful? (5) (1)

written by: Carol Ross (2013-11-27)

Terrible customer service

DO NOT USE THEM! I was tempted by some fairly cheap items (thank goodness) which either didn't arrive or were dreadful. No response to my emails, no refund (a credit - no thanks). I've now rung them - thanks for the number - but am not holding my breath. Stick with Groupon and Wowcher. And no star!
Review useful? (7) (1)

written by: alan renault (2013-11-26)

bad service from go-groopie

bought a hotel holiday and found out it was no longer trading go-groupie would only give a credit
for amount paid bought a y-phone from them received it not working cannot get a refund for either so I am in the proceeds of taking them to the small claims court
Review useful? (9) (1)

written by: Tracy (2013-11-26)

Go Groupie Vouchers

Not all bad, I purchased 4 deals all have gone through fine, apart from one which said invalid voucher and i rang them and they dealt with straightaway. However, I will wait to see if i do get my refund...
Review useful? (4) (1)

written by: sam (2013-11-19)

non delivery

go groopie tel number 0203 4740107 in the process of taking them to court good luck minus star
Review useful? (9) (1)

written by: Nelson kerr (2013-11-19)

No Reply?

this company are nothing but con men, have been trying to get in contact regarding an item I bought through them and not herd a thing, I am sick of sending emails, would not recommend!!!!!
Review useful? (13) (0)

written by: John Lewis (2013-11-18)

Useless robbers

I ordered a voucher and did read that it was going to cost me £5.95 postage that would not cost more than a £1 postage. I phoned customer service who were no better than useless. I would like to warn others of their shoddy tactics
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: Paul (2013-11-18)

Bad Experience

I ordered an item through this shower of crap. Got my voucher number same day and told to waqit till following day to have it activated, it didnt work. I e mailed the so called support team, still waiting for a response over a week later. I have e mailed them many times with no luck at all. I ended up contacting the supplier of the goods I had ordered and explaining to them that they would get a bad name from being associated with these bandits. The supplier contacted me immediately with a positive response and managed to get my voucher activated. The woman I dealt with said that she would ensure my item was sent out within a week so it should arrive by Friday, fingers crossed. My warning is though, not to even contemplate dealing with this company at all but if you have then try following the route I took. I am amazed that the support team could respond to the supplier but have still failed to reply to me. Not even an apology. Pass the word, 'Get rid of Gogroupie bandits from your e mails'. Do not use them!!!!!!! Oh I have given one star simply because this site asked me to rate them. I wouldnt give them anything otherwise.
Review useful? (10) (0)

written by: roy parkin (2013-11-15)

rubbish company

ordered a cat tunnel they took my money out my bank and no goods I emailed them twice with no answer that's not suprising this company should not be allowed to trade.
Review useful? (11) (0)

written by: James Spencer (2013-11-02)


ordered and paid for a tablet bundle for £49 - it arrived yesterday and is great! kids are going to be very happy this Christmas! bought 5 more items since then - very happy with gogroopie
Review useful? (3) (6)

written by: Debbie (2013-10-31)

Terrible Experience

I bought a voucher from Go Groopie in September for an IPAD converter sold through Marcus Accesories. Waited the 21 days they suggested for delviery and nothing! I have chased up Go Groopie and Marcus Accesories who then said they would send the IPAD converter but it would take another 7 working days, that was 9 working days ago and still nothing...not even an apology from Marcus Accesories for losing the order in the first place. I doubt I will ever get my money back or see the product I paid for. Stay away from both companies!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: wendy walsh (2013-10-31)


I am still waiting for £59.99 to be returned to me ,I cancelled an order as it wasn't suited ive received one reply saying it will be put into my gogroopie account ,told them it states I will get it back to my credit card , still waiting after many more e mails to them they just IGNORE YOU .I am now owing on my credit card , and not received it on my gogroopie either
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: dot rogers (2013-10-25)


bought a mascara in july when I didnt recieve 3 wks. later have been trying ever since for a refund, have sent over 12 emails,it is only when I threatened trades description that I have finally been given a credit this should go back to paypal,emailed again a wk. ago still no response,what a terrible company,avoid t all costs.
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: roxanne (2013-10-25)

calvin klein underpants

further to my previous posts,and if people have paid through paypal, I strongly urge people to make an official complaint to them.I spoke to them and even though they couldn't refund my money as I had I passed the 45 day deadline as I was told that if enough people complain they can investigate gogroopie and their merchants.we don't live in a banana republic so hopefully we will get justice. let's do what we can collectively to stop these scammers in their tracks.
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: Don't deal with them EVER! (2013-10-24)

Nothing but thieves.

The don't respond to emails, they don't deliver, avoid them at all costs.
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: Graham Jackson (2013-10-23)

Just Awful

I purchased a voucher for an ipad to TV converter. Having paid for it I ordered the product from the merchant Marcus Accessories. They have claimed money from my Pay Pal account. I allowed 21 days for delivery and received nothing. I tried emailing them direct but the address they provide on their site doesn't exist . I've emailed gogroopie three times to inform them of my problems but haven't had a reply. So far I am £14 out of pocket. Please avoid their deals.
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: Paul Burrough (2013-10-22)

sticky pads

I bought the coupons for the sticky pads that hold things in place on your car 'dashboard'.
Fab, two arrived well within the stated delivery date. Problem was I ordered and PAID for four of these and I still, despite many many e-mails have not received the other two. Guess what, they don't respond any more. I'm only talking about a fiver or so but I hate being ripped-off. This company should be closed down not for my fiver buit for everyone elses as well I bet they 'owe' huge amounts, is this not THEFT ?
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: Angela Lesley Adams (2013-10-19)

Blackpool stay

I had bought a deal for a 2 night stay in Blackpool (300 mile away) the week before I was due to travel I noticed on Trip Advisor that people had been having very negative experiences with the hotel and could not contact the hotel. I myself tried on numerous occasions to contact the hotel but there was no answer. I emailed Go Groopie to ask it there were any difficulties with the hotel also stating that I had a long journey. I had so reply so decided to go. After 6 hours driving arrived to find hotel was shut and had been for 1 week. We had then to find alternative accommodation. All together I sent 14 emails in total. They finally refunded my money after I had threatened them with the small claims court. I received no apology re why they did not respond to my concerns and at the end of the I feel very let down and out of pocket due to the cost of the travel.

Don't touch this company with a barge pole.
Review useful? (8) (0)

written by: Morgan (2013-10-19)

voucher code

Still have not forgot last Xmas,when ripped of by groupon and not replying to my emails, don't be fooled by any offers because it will stress you out beyond believe and will not happen
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Jerry Francis (2013-10-17)

GoGroopie Hotel stay

Booked hotel stay for 2 nights at Ambassador Hotel Llandudno.Hotel refused to honour voucher although within time scale & suggested I get refund from Go Groopie who did say they'd look into it.Since then they refuse to answer my Emails! Do Not deal with this lot called Go Groopie- I'm thinking of getting a small claims court order.
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Patricia Cameron-Mill (2013-10-16)

Cannot redeem vouchers

Purchased 2 vouchers for Smartphone Wallets, followed instructions to the letter but could not add vouchers. Have tried to contact GoGroopie and merchant but no success with either. If anyone has a phone number for GoGroopie please let me know what it is. Thank you.
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Patricia Cameron-Mill (2013-10-16)

Vouchers that do not work

I have bought two vouchers for Smartphone Wallets,
I selected the colour I wanted and tried to add to cart but that was as far as I have been able to go. GoGroopie say they are not responsible!!
If anyone has a phone number for GoGroopie please let me have it. Thank you.
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: roxanne (2013-10-14)

calvin klein underpants

i posted a couple of days ago about gogroopie and the merchant vitus products who advertised the above.Again I tried to email them both and needless to say,no response I even tried calling the number that someone very helpfully gave.Nobody picked up!It just occurred to me to call the card issuer as I paid through paypal and they offered to suspend payment to these online thieves and investigate on my behalf.I hope this helps other people who have paid with their credit cards.They should be able to get their money back.
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: roxanne (2013-10-12)

calvin klein underpants

I placed an order for the above two months ago.despite 5 emails to vitus products and 3 emails to gogroopie I have not had a response apart from a 'technical issue fob off' from vitus.These people are absolute con merchants.Do not ever buy from these thieves.
Review useful? (4) (1)

written by: Jenni (2013-10-09)

mp3 player

i purhased a mp3 player back in July did not receive so emailed them, 1 week they replied they will get in touch with 3rd party 1 week later they said it would be dispatched in 2 weeks, nothing emailed again asking for refund which they said they would contact the company again. still nothing 3 months later.
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: A peers (2013-09-15)

WARNING re Go Groopie

Do not buy anything through this website. They refuse to refund money, give misinformation and appalling customer service. BE WARNED . NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR BANK CARD DETAILS. I would give them no stars if I could
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Karen Miles (2013-09-11)

Sky remote

I brought a sky remote & lead so sky can be watched in other rooms. They took (stole) my money and I never received goods. I've e mailed them, added to their comments page NOTHING.....Hope bank can refund money!! They told me to write to the bank DISPUTES section, hopefully I will get my money back but won't hold my breath. Have learnt my lesson
This wouldn't post unless I added a star?! Really they should add minus stars as well !! They don't deserve any star
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Chantelle (2013-09-01)

calvin klien boxers

Bought this item 23 days ago through vitus products and i am still waiting being told by the company that they were processing my item that week and again that they had tecnical difficulties all lies i guess! I did get offered a refund but i thougjt i would give them the benifit of the doubt! I have paypal involved now so i suggest people to pay by paypal and then they can investigate for u and get ur money back
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Tracenip (2013-08-30)

BAD experience

Bought 2 items from the same merchant - one item code has worked, the other hasn't. Contacted the merchant....nothing. Sent a further email to the merchant....nothing. No contact details on GoGroopie website (unless I am totally missing it) - off to the OFT with these guys. Strangely enough too, I noticed 5 transactions taking money out of my account for PAYG credits (totalling £60) immediately after the merchant had taken their P&P...coincidence??? Still waiting on my goods too. Wish I could put in a no star rating
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: mimi (2013-08-23)

very bad experience

I bought some mosquito repellent wrist band and some watches and its over a month now and nothing seems to be happening...
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: shirley (2013-08-16)




Review useful? (9) (2)

written by: Kath (2013-08-12)

lwatch voucher

Invalid voucher code wish id read these reviews first.disegraceful service
Review useful? (6) (1)

written by: A (2013-08-10)


I have had a very bad experience with go Groopie I would not recommend them to anyone, if it goes wrong did you know you can only have credit not your money which is wrong after about 20 emails to them I have finally given up as they are not helpful and a bit arrogant on mail please be carful when ordering if they do this to everyone they will soon be rich.
Review useful? (3) (3)

written by: Rob (2013-08-09)

Broken Charger Pin on Tablet

Leave this " company " well alone, they sent me a tablet with a damaged pin dec 2012 and STILL not sorted, they lie and lie and lie, and now they ignore my e-mails, just how are these morons still in business with a " stuff you i got your money " attitude is beyond me, they are a disgrace, i,ve now resorted to a solicitor and hope she can sort this out, they owe me a tablet....simple. a star rating??? try minus minus minus..........
Review useful? (3) (1)

written by: Kris graham (2013-07-20)

Go Groupie- Nightmare Avoid

Like many others they take your money and when you don't get your item they stall you and stall you and never refund you. This is quite clever because they are going it specifically to run you out of time with Paypal claims. Oh and I would give them minus stars
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written by: MICHELLE QUINN (2013-06-25)


Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Kaz (2013-06-24)

Jewellery set

I ordered a jewellery set, got the wrong set delivered, I can't even be bothered to chase them up to change it as the things I did receive were of very poor quality. I gave it to my 9 year old daughter because I wouldn't wear it anyway !
Review useful? (1) (1)

written by: Lisa D (2013-06-20)


Brought deal from them for £10..... Received purchase no problem, but the company who supplied the deal took the full amount so now my £10 deal has cost me £43.50!! And it's proving really difficult to get money back!!
Always check your bank statements!!!!
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Georganne Uxbridge (2013-06-11)

Useless broken hose

I bought an 'expanding hose' from this site. It valve at the end of it broke the first time I used it and it is now useless. I wrote to them about it but they only answered after 2nd email and am still waiting for response. I have a useless hose and they say they will contact merchant but have heard nothing. They are advertising the same product TODAY but haven't bothered to reply. VERY BAD SERVICE
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: lunnys (2013-06-05)

kids iphone - rubbish

Ordered a toy iphone. Received about two weeks later. Obviously second hand. Really scratched and battered. Am now going to raise a complaint. Paid by paypal so hopefully will get my money back??
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Syed Qasim (2013-06-04)


I bought the razor blades deal and placed my order more than a month back but have not received the blades.I keep on emailing them but i am not receiving any response. I have emailed both the company and Go Groupie.I have lost £15 in this deal.
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Goodyboy (2013-06-02)

Do not use

Wish I'd seen these reviews before I bought from gogroopie I bought the razor deal like a few others and likewise never received them. Had to send numerous emails to get a reply which was that they would credit my account but guess what - they say my account is credited but when I log in it says no credits - my advice is to avoid gogroopie and their vendors they just rob you of your money
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Press (2013-05-20)

non payment

One of the reasons everyone might not be getting their orders is they don't pay the Merchants we ran an offer of a soap school course they haven't paid us a penny despite taking money up front from customers, we have had to email all customers cancelling the vouchers, we have offerred a book direct with ourselves and we will honour the voucher price as a way of customer service and trying to keep our good name
Review useful? (9) (0)

written by: peter bottomley (2013-05-20)

Razor blades

Seems once your monies paid it's sort yourself out, I ordered razor blades on 2nd Feb after 8 weeks of nothing I asked to be refunded, I was for the blades quickly but not the £6 postage which went via a different company,I'm nowhere after endless e-mails to them & the mail people, I just keep receiving nice, "We're sorry & we'll contact the merchant" replies, I'll never use again.
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Kirsty Trevarthen (2013-05-17)

Missing Product

Absolutely shit! Recieved a faulty product sent it back from replacement got nowhere! GoGroopie customer service are ignorant and don't want to lose money! Months of emailing and phoning got me nowhere, lost £75.
Review useful? (6) (0)

written by: Simon Hogg (2013-05-16)

Razor blades

I ordered the above on 31st January and still did not receive after 3 months after many emails. I eventually got a refund on the voucher, but not the p&p that was paid directly to the vendor. It's only £5.95 i'm out but it's not about the money.

0203 4740107 is their customer services number as the website doesn't seem to want to give this information out.

I did previously receive an item promptly and was happy with the service, however, the above episode has left a sour taste and that's all I will remember in time!
Review useful? (7) (2)

written by: doreen lynch (2013-05-15)


u bastards stole my money
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: ursula bracey (2013-05-05)

terrible experience with gogroopie

if you have a problem with an item, dont expect to get your money back, they tell lies and dont deal with the issues, the merchants they use are also rubbish, after a trail of emails and a call which i managed to find a phone number still no moneY back after a couple of months of trying, DON'T BUY GOOD FROM THEM
Review useful? (3) (1)

written by: sue capon (2013-05-03)

Go Groopie Daylight Robbery

Oly ever used these once. Paid for Bulk deal of razor blades on 31 Jan 2013. Stated allow 14 - 21 days for delivery. Chased and chased with various 'delay' excuses. Finally they offered a refund on 15 april - will be with me in up to 7 working days. Now 15 days later Nothing. Have just written - told them tht if not had FULL refubnd by next friday 10th - I'll issue a summons in county cort - which I have done with numerous similar things before - and won , so have no hesitation in doing it again wtih these robbers ! Will never use them again - and would warn others - DONT TOUCH GOGROOPIE WITH A BARGEPOLE !
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: yvonne (2013-04-25)

remy 10' hair extension still not recieved

I ordered the Remy hair extensions which where £19.99 with £4.99 postage in december2012 it is now April and still not arrived! I have contacted gogroupie about 20 times the merchant and no responce I eventually got a reply from gogroupie stating they would chase merchant well still waiting it is a con a rip off I have contacted watch dog and trading standards on this matter not amused I give this company zero rating!!!!!! Has any one else had the same problem with the Remy extensions??
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Ophelia (2013-04-24)

Go Groopie

If I could doless than one star I would. Bought a vouchcr for a weekend away for Christmas 2012. The venue closed - no problem I'll take a refund. BUT after two months of ignored emails, promises that weren't kept and other appalling customer services practices they still have my £89. Buyer beware. You risk losing your money if you buy from this company.
I've even emailed the CEO but he has ignored my emails as well. And what is really funny is their tag line 'We believe in great customer service so we treat you the way we like to be treated'
Lies, all lies..
Review useful? (7) (0)

written by: Diane (2013-04-18)

Still not received

Ordered 10" tablet on 29th November didnt receive it until end of Feb and then it was totally useless and broken, returned it and still waiting for replacement in April.. even I think Ive been patient up to now...but its getting beyond, my son missed his christmas present and thinking it would at least be here for his birthday in March but still nothing...
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: medley (2013-04-16)


Brilliant kids toys great value
Review useful? (2) (4)

written by: Sue Capon (2013-04-15)

Goods Not Received

Have only ever ordered one thing from GoGroopie. Paid 31.Jan 13...quoted 14 -21 days delivery. At 23rd March - still nothing received..contacted merchant and go groopie. Merchant didn't bother to respond. eventually gogroopie said " there has been a delay - all goods now sent out "..3 weeks later STILL NOTHING..emailing Go Groopie & merchant daily - now threatened them with county court action if not refunded in full by end of week. Will never use again -I understand ther can be probs occassionally - but not having a phone number to call them is rubbish . They ask for my phone number on their contact forms - but seem unable to use a telephone ! Disgusted by lack of custmoer service - will never use again - not worth the hassle .
Review useful? (7) (1)

written by: faisal (2013-04-09)


totally rubbish time wast scam !!!!
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: sharon cooper (2013-04-09)

garden hose necklace

bought both items in beginning of march and have still not came yet have contacted go groupie on several occasions and to be told today that they will chase up the merchants. if I haven't received email from them they will look in to this will not be buying from them again as it has went on to long.
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Alan Gorrie (2013-04-02)

Remote control speed boat

Bought a speed boat from go groopie which did arrive but was a Xmas present for my daughter. On Xmas day she opened and wanted to use it but when we put batteries in it did not work. Contacted go groopie about this and received email saying that they would contact the seller as despite our best attempts they would not answer any emails. Well after 3 months have given up as go groopie are now avoiding the emails we send as well. Now bought a better one from Costco which runs faultless for less.

My advice is stay well clear
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Tammy (2013-03-25)

Not received since November

Bought an iPod running armband 23rd Nov still not received did get a reply from go groopie some 4 months later saying that would find out and still haven't received my item - never using again
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Dalas P (2013-03-21)


the kids deals seem great. cheap and cheerful and quality goods. I've bought so many goodies for my children and their friends. horaay for Go Groopie
Review useful? (3) (3)

written by: jamie (2013-03-21)

happy customer

Go Groopie has some amazing deals and I spoke to a charming young man last week who was a great help. James I think his name was.
Review useful? (3) (7)

written by: JP (2013-03-13)


Great business with cheap deals and quick service
Review useful? (3) (7)

written by: John Gold (2013-03-12)

children's toys

They've got some wonderful deals and in particular some great kids deals. I bought my daughter a few items and they're a bargain buy

Definitely recommending Go Groopie cant wait for more summer products before I go on holiday
Review useful? (3) (6)

written by: bally sagoo (2013-03-12)

at long last

It took a while to get my tablet but now that I've finally got it..I realised it was worth the hassle its amazing
Review useful? (3) (2)

written by: Gordon Bristow (2013-03-08)

Android Tablet

Absolutely useless company, once I've finished with them in court over failure to get my Android Tablet delivered to me. I paid for it in November and still haven't received it. Totally disgusted with the company. Have warned everyone I know to stay away from Go Groopie.
Review useful? (7) (2)

written by: Jagdeep (2013-03-06)

getting somewhere

I bought a tablet and after months of waiting, calling, chasing and moaning Go Groopie promised me they were doing everything in their power to get me my goods. 1 week later knock at the door and its finally here. I don't regret the purchase at all now that I've got it. Thanks for being so understanding when I was so frustrated.

Reliable company they let me know what was happening and did all they could to fix my problem.
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Mark (2013-03-05)


Wonderful products and they're at amazing prices. bought a children tablet its great who needs an ipad. It does the same thing and so much more
Review useful? (4) (1)

written by: Peter Holme (2013-03-01)


I bought a deal which was a necklace for my wife for valentines day. redeemed the week before valentines day got it 4 days after. she loved it and loves me for it and I thank Go Groopie for it. The Swarovski set was stunning. Thanks Go Groopie
Review useful? (2) (1)

written by: pap (2013-02-28)


one word.. IMPRESSED great customer service. I spoke to a very helpful girl - my voucher code was invalid and she was great. 4 days later I got my goods
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: MFA (2013-02-21)

Doesn't deserve even a single star...

I ordered my tablet on the 7th December and have only today (21st February!!!) received the item in full. Cannot remember how many times I had to e-mail and call GoGroopie just to extract some information on the delivery status. No one seems to be bothered with answering the calls, and the online correspondence is super slow. I can say that this has been the worst customers service experience I have ever had. No matter how good a deal they may offer, I would strongly recommend you to stay away from this company.
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: Matthew (2013-02-20)

easy as 1..2..3

I don't understand why everyone is so quick to complain but still buys from deal sites.

Its all in the risk - I ordered my tablet (expensive but great value for money) and it did take slightly longer than expected but customer service were great.

After a few emails it arrived and is perfect for my little girl.

Thanks Groopies
Review useful? (2) (1)

written by: Ruby Shek (2013-02-20)

A nervy customer

I thought I was taking a risk after I bought some items from Go Groopie after reading all these negative reviews. NO COMPLAINTS from me.

I received all my items within the stated delivery period but one and with that I just emailed support and they chased my order for me.

Lesson of the day: talk to them nicely and you'll get treated nicely. If your going to be rude I wont be surprised if you don't get your orders.
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Berio Papel (2013-02-20)

Go Groopie Deals

In December I purchase a deal for the 10" android tablet bundle and after weeks of chasing and broken promises I was at my wits end. After days of emailing and calling Go Groopie support I eventually got through to someone.. and to my surprise she was the most politest, helpful person I’ve come across – especially as I was fuming and probably wasn’t the best person to talk to. Regardless she was great and told me she’d put me on a priority list and contact the merchant for me and surprise surprise it was delivered 2 days later. Go Groopie wasn’t the easiest to get hold of but once I did I felt much more happier that my wife would get her xmas present.
See Go Groopie isn’t so bad after all. Thanks again. Regards, B.Papel
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Disgruntled Customer (2013-02-20)

How Bad Can A Company Be!!!!!!

For others. Go Groopie Tel Number: 0203 4740107. Good Luck!!! I have never come across such a shambles of a company. How bad is there response rate & customer service. I will NEVER deal with them again. Thankfully my tablet was purchased on a card & after many failed attempts of trying to resolve my many issues (delivery, faulty goods, wrong description of item, return goods, returned deliver costs, refund requests)I contacted my bank and used there protection to get a charge back. If purchased via card, get your money back, it's the only resolution from 5 months of experience!!!.
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Suzanne Faulkner (2013-02-13)

Go Groopie

Does anyone have a contact number for these rip off merchants??? I still have not received a laptop I ordered in November, or a refund that I was promised in they just ignore my emails!!!!!!!
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Julie (2013-02-13)

item paid for not arriving

I ordered a lunch bag on the 1st Nov 2012 (over 3 months ago) and I have not received it. Poor poor service. Will not be using again.
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Adele (2013-02-09)


I order a samsung tablets 4 weeks ago. Got it this morning only to find that I was sent a non brand tablet instead of the Samsung Galaxy.
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: shirley fletcher (2013-02-04)

go groopie

avoid this con company took my money in october and had the cheek to blame paypal first order and it will be my last
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: N Sutton (2013-01-31)

Disgraceful service

I too ordered a tablet on 12 November for a Christmas present. When after 3 weeks it hadn't arrived I contacted Gogroopie and received an automated response advising that they company were doing everything to ensure delivery before Christmas. Guess what! Yes you've got it, it never arrived. I have since been battling for a refund. Initially I did have some replies to my emails but now they just don't want to know. I have been told that because my order was more than 60 days they couldn't refund me in the same way that I had paid and needed to provide my bank details which I have done although in hindsight this is probably rather foolish. I intend contacting Trading Standards, Watchdog and anyone else that can expose such a disgraceful immoral company. I have been forced to give this a rating but I resent giving it one star, it should be -5.
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Anne (2013-01-15)


I ordered a tablet in December and received it 3 weeks later only to find the offer of bundle to go with it was missing a phoned the Company several times but couldnt leave a message I also emailed the company but havent had a reply the item dosent come with a guarantee either and it has started playing up.
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: Trudi (2013-01-14)

Awful Service

Ordered a Tablet on 11 November - still not recieved (14 Jan) have emailed at least 20 times - would never purchase from then again, just wished I'd read these reviews before ordering? (would give no starts if possible!)
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: Helen swan (2013-01-11)

kids learning pad

I ordered the Childrens learning pad on 10th Dec, it said in the smallprint to order before 12th to ensure Christmas delivery, I had still not received it by 1st Jan (my daughters birthday) so I emailed them. They apologised and agreed to refund the money, it can take up to 7 days. Day 8, still no money!!!
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Andrew Cameron-Tillett (2013-01-09)


having ordered a netbook from them ( which was supposedly despatched by Silicone17)on NOVEMBER 15th we have received no attention whatsoever, so my message is clear -
Unlawful uncaring and inattentive - that's GoGroopie!
DO NOT ever deal with this company.
their answerphone is still blocked with complaints and the pre-Christmas message is still playing on January 9th.
Utterly disgusted
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: christine (2013-01-02)

laptop bundle

ordered on 4/12/12, still not arrived by today, 02/01/13, before xmas was assured it would arrive in time for xmas, now cant even speak to them just a answer machine wishing everyone merry chrismas, they have not answered my e,mails, they still have the laptop advertised on their web site
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Rjs (2012-12-27)

laptop bundle

I ordered on the 4/12/12 thought what a bargain still waiting for item to arrive after reading above reviews very worried!
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Deni wise (2012-12-25)

Order not received bad services

Like many others ordered a tablet bundle deal back in October was told to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery on checking my bank statement they had taken money twice made endless calls and emails an eventually got money back and was told I would receive email with tracking number finally received email with a tracking number 10th dec tried to track on line and had no joy phoned Royal Mail and was told its a false number so was just fobbed off after ringing every hour on the hour and emailing constantly I got a reply of sorry here is your new number and was promised by one of there advisories it will be here for Xmas JOKE still no item after constantly ringinging again I was called by an advisor from a mobile number saying the item has been shipped and should arrive Xmas eve between 1-2 pm again nothing contacted them again on the mobile number as customer services mail box full not surprised for the advisor on the phone to be in tears telling me how she has had everyone screaming and shouting at her ( surly I should have been the one crying ) eventually got an addresse of where I can complain to but to top it off it's the person who delt with the case of money being taken twice who was a rude arrogant abnoctious arse and that's being polite. All in all a awful company a terrible services and a customer service centre that seems to be non existant would not reccomend this company at all unless you want your blood pressure to go sky high there is also no option for no stars
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: sharonmiller (2012-12-25)

10inc tablets

bought 10 ince tablet deal 3 rd dec was garenteed delivety for christmas after been told we were on the priority list even though there hsd bren s really high demand they would come guess what they havent i now have 3 children expecting a tablet tomorrow when they wake up how disapointed are they going to be dont deal with them they promiss return calls and nothing and dont respond to a number of email only hope iv not been scammed out of my money too any body else in similar boat Help
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Nicholas (2012-12-20)

V happy

No probs with these guys. Very friendly customer service, looked after us every step of the way. Will buy more and happy to recommend
Review useful? (4) (5)

written by: Ruth House (2012-12-19)

2x 10" tablets

Terrible company I ordered 2 x 10" tablets for a main christmas present for my boys on 22nd October and I still haven't recieved (19/12/2012) them I have rung numerous times never get an apology and am told that there is a back log and I should get them shortly and I will be made a priority. the fine print says 2-3 weeks delivery time what a joke. Will never use this company again as I now have to find a different present for my boys with days before Christmas. Very very disappointed.
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Rebecca (2012-12-19)

Shuffling MP3 player

Ordered an MP3 player for my brothers Christmas present sent loads of emails due to invalid voucher code it's been over a week and have had no response I have called they're customer service team but the phone just rings out.
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: Nichols smart (2012-12-18)

Bad experience

I order a 10" android laptop on the 22 October loads of emails to them and some phone calls and still no laptop 1st and last time l will use
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: Caroline Munro (2012-12-18)

7'' Tablet

I ordered 2 for my girls for xmas on 22/11 still waiting for them 2 arrive. Have sent emails & been on the phone all day, engaged tone or just rings out I think I will have to rethink thier presents really really disapointed as money out of account & £14 for delivery Ha ha, could have gone & picked it up for cheeper!!
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: Tamara (2012-12-15)

7 inch tablet

I am so angry with the way GOGROOPIE have treated me with the lack of care and service.
I ordered a 7inch tablet £59.99 5 weeks ago and had to pay £14.99 extra to have this item delivered,this was guaranteed to be with me a week b4 my daughters birthday, by customer services, yet nothing turned up, which meant I was out of pocket as had to buy MORE items for her birthday!
This was the first and the last time I would ever buy with GOGROUPIE, I agree with all above, Watch Dog here we come!!
I am still awaiting a refund after many calls and many emails!!
Time to get tough!!
Review useful? (5) (0)

written by: Mathew Biggs (2012-12-13)

Excellent during the Christmas Rush!

After reading these reviews about poor customer service i had to check that i was looking at the right company! i ordered a 7inch tablet 2 weeks ago (I took the risk of it not being here before crimbo because the price was so good) So two days ago I rang customer care THEY WERE GREAT! i explainewd that i knew it was a bit risky buying offline this close to Christmas and with that she asked me to put me on hold see then came back to me she had just rang blue buds and my order has been made priority.... knock on the door today delivery man with my tablet NICE ONE GOGROOPIE I WILL RECOMMEND!
Review useful? (4) (3)

written by: Gemma (2012-12-13)

Not happy lets do somethink

I've now sent watchdog an email about this company I hope others will to ..this is not on at Christmas not geting presents !!?? (don't let them get away with this)
Review useful? (6) (1)

written by: Dean (2012-12-13)

tablet - a little late but great product

some delays unfortunately but happy with the service. very happy with the tablet and great pricing.
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Leni (2012-12-13)

Go Groopie

I paid for an item on the 30/10/12, it is now the 13/12/10 and still no item. I have called GoGroopie repeatedly and the vendor who I had to pay separately for postage. I still have no item or my money!
Review useful? (1) (2)

written by: Leni (2012-12-13)

Go Groopie

I paid for an item on the 30/10/12, it is now the 13/12/10 and still no item. I have called GoGroopie repeatedly and the vendor who I had to pay separately for postage. I still have no item or my money!
Review useful? (1) (1)

written by: Leni (2012-12-13)

Go Groopie

I paid for an item on the 30/10/12, it is now the 13/12/10 and still no item. I have called GoGroopie repeatedly and the vendor who I had to pay separately for postage. I still have no item or my money!
Review useful? (2) (1)

written by: Leni (2012-12-13)

Go Groopie

I paid for an item on the 30/10/12, it is now the 13/12/10 and still no item. I have called GoGroopie repeatedly and the vendor who I had to pay separately for postage. I still have no item or my money!
Review useful? (2) (1)

written by: Gayle (2012-12-12)

No customer support

Bought a smart watch 4 weeks ago - money out of my account but no goods. Go groupie have not returned any of my numerous calls or emails. You can not get to speak to anyone apart from someone on reception. Watchdog here I come
Review useful? (3) (1)

written by: Garth (2012-12-11)

Non delivery

I somehow think something is wrong here, I ordered a tablet, it never arrived on time, I was told it was due to the volume of orders and it would be dispatched in aprox 2 weeks but no date could be confirmed. I asked for a refund and was told it would be done within 7 days. Those 7 days have long gone, my order for the tablet has disappeared off the order list. No response from Go Groopie Ltd How can I rate them with nothing to rate them on.... how about 5 stars for non delivery, 5 stars for no refund and 6 stars for NO response.
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Margaret Gourlay (2012-12-11)

10inch Andriod Tablet

i ordered this own 3/11/2012 still not arrived getting realy worried as cnt get throu own phone have sent emails when i did speak to some1 they tld me there was a back log & it wld be there within the week but nothing has arrived & that was nearly 2weeks ago i phoned xx
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Margaret Gourlay (2012-12-11)

10inch Andriod Tablet

i ordered this own 3/11/2012 still not arrived getting realy worried as cnt get throu own phone have sent emails when i did speak to some1 they tld me there was a back log & it wld be there within the week but nothing has arrived & that was nearly 2weeks ago i phoned xx
Review useful? (1) (0)

written by: Margaret Gourlay (2012-12-11)

10inch Andriod Tablet

i ordered this own 3/11/2012 still not arrived getting realy worried as cnt get throu own phone have sent emails when i did speak to some1 they tld me there was a back log & it wld be there within the week but nothing has arrived & that was nearly 2weeks ago i phoned xx
Review useful? (2) (0)

written by: Janice Matthews (2012-12-11)

Set of 4 lipsticks

Ordered these 3 months ago. Paid go groopie but the website wouldn't allow me to register my details or the code for the product. Have left numerous messages for Go Groopie but they appear to have the worst customer service on the planet. Will go viral. Stuff them!
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Lisa O'Conner (2012-12-11)

Christmas madness

I also purchased a tablet on GoGroopie and had to wait more than i was said for the delivery. Like the rest of the people, i needed it before christmas and got so scared thinking that we were victims of a scam. But to be fair, the customer service people has tried to be helpful everytime i have contacted them and have done all they could. My tablet has arrived today. I won't stop buying things on this website as i never had troubles before with the rest of things except from the tablet.
Review useful? (4) (1)

written by: bigmug2012 (2012-12-10)

android tablet

Seemed to good to be true, it was only after Id paid £120 for 2x tablets for xmas that I saw that it was a 2-3 week delivery and I had to pay another £30 for the privilege. Customer service uncaring and useless and told a big backlog as its such a popular deal!! They could put me on a priority list?!?! Really? Anyway after reading the comments here not taking my changes, will cancel as within 7 days and will hopefully get my money back and will buy from someone more reliable.
Review useful? (4) (0)

written by: Gemma (2012-12-10)

Android bundle

Ordered on the 4/11/12 still no android sent 17 emails with no reply to anyOne looking to get it for Christmas not sure it will arrive in time will keep peeps posted think my kids are going to get a photo instead not happy :0(
Review useful? (2) (1)

written by: James Yeoh (2012-12-09)


bought a tablet through Go Groopie, no problems with the order at all and very happy as it makes a great xmas present for my little one who will be over the moon. happy and will recommend
Review useful? (3) (0)

written by: Jamie birchall (2012-11-30)

Tactical flying lesson

I booked a helicopter tactical flying experience with 001 it cost £99.00 for a 20 min flight, so I bought 3! Thinking I would have a whole hour, but to my suprise I bought 3 x 6/7 min flights! And when I tried to book my flight they told me they were fully booked till march 2013!!!!
The wording on the deal is mis leading!
Go groupie will never see my money again.
I was very dis satisfied with go groupie/ 001 for their service.!
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written by: tim glocks (2012-11-29)

7 inch tablet success!!!

Was very worried about my tablet arriving before Christmas after reading earlier comments on here, but my tablet arrived after 2 weeks of me ordering it so i'm chuffed. It's easy to say these deal sites are a scam if something doesn't arrive, but these tablets appear to be selling thousands and there's only a couple of complaints so i think on the whole the company is a good one. With any company selling goods there's bound to be some that go wrong - this world isn't perfect! Also, if they really were scamming people they wouldn't be allowed to work with merchants anymore. The advertising authorities wouldn't allow them to run their business anymore.
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written by: christine evans (2012-11-21)

7 inch tablet bundle ordered over five weeks ago

still havnt recieved my goods money taken out of bank within 3 days and it was over a month ago think i have been robbed if i dont recieve goods or a refund within the next 7 days going to contact our local investigative television programme the ferret to help sort this out for me
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written by: Daniel (2012-11-19)

GoGroopie tablet

I recently ordered a 7" tablet from GoGroopie and although it said delivery could take up to 21 working days, i received it at the 10 day mark. When it arrived it was just what i was after and it now provides me with whatever i want when i'm on the go. Will definitely use Go Groopie again as this was a very good experience with them.
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written by: Sarah Dudley (2012-11-09)

Go groupie tablet bundle

Ordered and paid for tablet bundle. Did not arrive. Complained. Eventually got a delivered but it was not at all as described and flickered dreadfully. Go groupie will not refund until I send it back. Paid £10 p&p for something that was not as described and was not fit for the purpose.
My advice is stay well clear!
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written by: user71 (2012-10-25)

Steer clear

I ordered a jewellery set over six weeks ago, after numerous emails still getting nowhere. Going to call my bank tomorrow to get my money back. Poor customer services
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written by: Stacy Greaves (2012-08-31)

Corner Sofa!

I took what i thought to be a big risk buying a corner sofa off a deal site, but at the price i thought it was definitely worth a go and i have to say i am so impressed with the quality of the item and the speed in which it was delivered :D Everyone who comes over to my house doesn't believe me when i tell them i got it off a daily deal website (Ive even had to show a few the offer on my laptop :D) I will definitely use Go Groopie again fingers crossed they will do a deal on a coffee table :D xxx
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written by: Rory Tate (2012-08-31)

Quality Service

Really wanted to get a tablet, but didn't want to pay an extortionate amount. Found a deal on Gogroopie for an Android 4 Tablet Bundle. Not only was it the tablet i was after, but it was also all the accessories, like the leather case with keyboard, stylus pen, and flannel bag. Arrived within 7 days and works a treat. Absolutely no complaints - quality service!
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written by: James Tilley (2012-08-07)

Good experience with Go Groopie

Last month i purchased a travel deal through Go Groopie. It was for a two night stay at the umi hotel in Brighton. Me and my partner went last weekend and had an absolute blast. It was pure luxury, so relaxed, and an incredible vibe. It's safe to say we fell in love with Brighton. We live in London so it was a comfortable train journey of about 1 hour 20 minutes. We left Friday evening and came back Sunday evening. When we arrived and said that we had used GoGroopie, the hotel staff took a fondness to us, and were greeted with a smile whenever we walked past reception. We'll definitely come back again, and if the offer is still up on GoGroopie, then we shall certainly purchase it through them.
Thanks Go Groopie and UMI Hotel Brighton for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.
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