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Located in London, Groupon offers discounts up to 90% on several activities in almost every city in the UK. Founded in 2009 Groupon provides one deal each day all across the UK. Their philosophy is to only provide things the customer needs and enjoys, like discounts on restautants, cinemas, shopping and much more. Groupon works with top-rated business partners like "Orchira UK", "cineworld" and "Wagamama", who make the discounts possible. The website has its roots in Chicago, where the first Groupon daily deal website was founded in 2008. Today Groupon is the best established website for collective buying systems.

Duration: 24 hours
End of Deal: 00:00:00
Voucher redemption: receive the voucher by e-mail or by post within 14 working days
Types of payment: Credit card
Average user rating:           (3 out of 5 stars)
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written by: John (2015-08-19)

good experiences

bought a few groupons over the last six months and everything was ok. from my point of view groupon got better recently.
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written by: Susan prescott (2014-08-20)


Delivery free is what the fine print clearly displayed! However was charged delivery, I have a screen shot of advert which i sent them, they admit editorial error but will not refund delivery charge. now with consumer rights service and possibly trading standards if no refund given. I won't be using Groupon again, very unprofessiona.
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written by: a page (2014-07-19)

city deal

I placed an order and paid for it and got nothing I don't think I will trust groupon again
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written by: Sarah (2014-06-12)

Rowan watts photographer deals- don't be fooled

Rowan watts photographer deals are not as good as they seem. The prints in the deal are 7x5 and you will not be able to pick from the full selection taken.typically the best shots are cut so they don't fit standard size. To get the best shots you have to pay very expensive prices not a great deal after all. Plus groupon doesn't allow very easy review section. Not worth it unless you want to spend £200+
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written by: marie (2014-06-11)


I've purchased many different offers through Groupon and was satisfied. I was even reimbursed for a deal that I didn't have time to book as the vendor accepted. You can call Groupon customers service (unlike Wowcher who don't even give an email) and they been helpfull and explained clearly how the deal worked. I'm definitely going back to Groupon.
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written by: DeniseGregory (2014-04-15)

dog grooming course

May I take this opportunity to say thankyou to groupon for getting me interested in online courses and an even bigger thankyou to Holly and Hugo for helping me pass.
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written by: T Morris (2014-04-09)

Refund Refused - Item not delivered

Original item advertised as quantity 3 for £59.98, on completion of check out quantity became 2. Still a bargain so purchased item. Only 1 was delivered, and Groupon have advised they can't send out the missing one, and refused to refund my card. First and only time I have / will use them. Currently taking action with Office of Fair Trading / Card Provider and Omnibus in hopes they issue the refund - although Groupon also failed to provide Omnibus details when requested.
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written by: Dicta Cole (2014-02-03)

Groupon Refused to give me back my money

I bought a medical deal was unable to get an appointment and requested a refund that was 2 years ago until today Groupon has refused to give me back my money although I am no longer a client I paid using paypal but because I was outside the period I could not us them to recover my money.I want it back.This is nearly 2 years now
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written by: sam (2014-01-21)


Groupon may be the best dealer in most people opinion most likely due to the size of their subscriber base but the deals are far cheaper on other sites? why pay more when you could pay less for the EXACT same product. these are a great company and have a great CS team. same products as groupon at half the price. :). also what people tend to forget a lot of these sites sell Thousands on every deal out of maybe 80+ deals running a week so off course there are bound to be some problems.
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written by: Valentina Rushton (2014-01-18)

Groupon not honoured

I have been in a long dispute with Groupon over the
refusal of their partner merchant to honour my purchase which they had already redeemed before the date of my appointment
The merchant referred me back to Groupon and referring me back to the merchant. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had a similar problem. I stand to lose £99
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written by: Jan (2013-07-24)


Very good service
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written by: John floyd (2013-06-16)


Thank you very much Groupon a very unexpected refund to my credit card for a sound course that I purchased but left to long to take but the money was refunded in full this will certainly give me a reason to use you service again
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written by: Imane (2012-12-10)

You should know the place before advertising for it

Got a coupon with California smile. I've never in my life reviewed anything until I felt the need of doing this time. Because that place looks like nothing you were saying on the ads. But exactly like a back room at the parlour where u can get your wax done. And indeed it had a waxing tray. I'm so unhappy with the results as even my husband is laughing at me for wasting my money. I can't see any difference whatsoever. They told me I can have a top up for £40 but why would I do that! It's very unhealthy environment! All what have been advertised about the stuff is a joke as there is only one lady working in that tiny room there is no reception nothing! Why do you have to make all these lies? Oh I've got the answer which is simple ripp off naïf people like me who believes in you! Want my money back!
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written by: Olga (2012-11-19)

Best deals, perfect service!!

Bought some things through Groupon, In London and Paris! Always satisfied. Asked for refund some times always got it in short time! Always getting answers on email. I do advise them! But never KGBdeals again!
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written by: TB (2012-03-06)

product as described

exactly what i was expecting! Will use your service, again!
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written by: Jenna Hurell (2012-03-04)

everything fine!

For me, Groupon is the best Dealer. Never had any problems. Just once, but they've refunded my money very quick. Good Service
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written by: SANDRA (2011-09-05)

ommition erro

i could not see any delivery address for my oder and was not given the chance to amend my transaction and you have my money, please rectify
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written by: Joanne Blunden (2011-08-15)

Cancelling an order

I purchased a Groupon voucher for a cheap holiday and received it on 10/08/11 but then decided I wanted to cancel. I emailed them immediatey (the cancellation policy is within 7 days in writing) but received an automated response and have tried ringing the helpline on several occassions but never get through to anybody. I am really worried the voucher will not be cancelled and I will be £99 out of pocket.
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written by: LYNNE Merrilion (2011-08-13)

voucher paid in full but not honoured

IM dissapointed that i paid for 2 groupon deals in full recieved my voucher code and secruity code for a hairdressing offer at Images in Stony Stratford Milton Keynes UK booked the appointment then a week later received a text message late at night to say that Images were not going to honour the deal very dissapointed .
On a plus side this is the first time ive been let down by a groupon deal but will be reluctant from now on as how do i know the deal i pay for will be hounoured in future.
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written by: d g foreman (2011-07-25)

TV purchased and paid for, delivery required

Do not know how to redeem my voucher. Completly confusing.CodeA08D6EBF57, Groupon codeF57E22BA70.Please arrange delivery or my money returned. Thanks D.G.Foreman
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written by: VP (2011-04-27)

so and so

I was given a groupon voucher as a gift. Good deal but the quoted price was hugely exaggerated. Service was good for the discounted price but not for the full quoted price.
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written by: Sarah W (2011-04-01)


Must say, we will be using groupon again as we went to the BEST chocolate workshop the other weekend in Manchester. Really easy to book on through the website and the workshop was FANTASTIC! Want to go again to a chocolate7 workshop but havn't got any more vouchers... :(
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written by: Heinz Thomas (2011-03-14)


I have bought quite a few Groupons and was very satisfied. Especially in Cambridge. Its pretty tricky to find a good offer and e.g,. D'Array offer really got me started using Groupon.
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