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Duration: 1-4 days
End of Deal: 12:00 a.m.
Voucher redemption: Immediately after purchase via e-mail
Types of payment: Credit Card, PayPal
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written by: Laura Jones (2014-06-18)


I booked some vouchers for a day out at Paradise Wildlife Park. My card was debited immediately, but when I received the links to the vouchers and tried to print them the links don't work!

I have tried looking for a phone number but can't find one. I have emailed them and all I get is some joker called Mary replying with 'I will reach out to KGB and let you know when they get back to me'. I'm not satisfied with a ridiculous holding email while they have my money!!! No apology from them at all! I then received an email from them with a case on it that wasn't even me, they had mistaken me for another Laura Jones! I know it's a common name but how can they mistake 2 completely different email addresses!

It's been going on since March, I am emailing them every day and will continue to do so until I get my money back. They just don't contact me at all. Such a rip off.
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written by: Cheryl (2014-05-30)

Back Brace

Money for Back Brace taken from my C/C on 1/5/14. NO GOODS RECEIVED. Having made numerous telephone calls only to be told they are too busy to answer, then cut off. I tried emailing both KGB London and Ncrowd(their new name?). Have now authorised the legal department of my C/C to obtain a refund on my behalf. Will never purchase from KGB again.
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written by: colin laughran (2014-05-29)

32gb sd cards

i ordered 2 of these cards and aftre 57e mails i conntacted cab,after they conntacted them still no resolve,so got trading standars involved,bingo got my cards well done cab and trading standards,don't give up keep at them get the authorities involved,if that does not work pay £60 to small claims court dont worry they will have to pay your money back plus costs.good luck i won after 3 months
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written by: D nathwani (2014-05-23)

32GB SD. Card

I ordered this item on 30th March 2014.i never received the item.iI am still waiting for it.After emailing them I was told that if I did not get the item.within 3 working days I could ask for credit. I requested the credit as I did not receive the item,that was a month ago.They have not responded to my emails( 5 emails) .PLEASE DO NOT EVER USE KGB DEALS UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR MONEY.
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written by: weight loss before and after (2014-05-20)

Weight loss before and after

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written by: Andrew Wright (2014-05-20)

Storage Box

Purchased a storage box for our garden through KGB from a company called Better Bargains had an email from Better bargains telling us our box had been damaged in transit and a replacement would be shipped in 10 to 14 days this was 4 months ago despite emails a nd phone calls to both KGB and Betta bargains we have still not had our goods or a refund. Will not purchase again very disappointed.
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written by: Andrea Wilder (2014-04-28)

KGB Deals - use common sense!

I've bought these deals a number of times and never really had a problem but you have to use common sense. Goods rrp is usually inflated to make the deal look better and so they're not usually worth more than what you end up paying. Same for hotel breaks - carefully check all the restrictions and check dates first before buying the deal and booking. Similarly with massages and other treatments. I live up north but buy in London as I visit frequently. However, because I have to be very careful about timings I usually try and provisionally book with the merchant first so I don't waste my voucher - I've messed up a few times in the beginning because of limited availability. If I have difficulties contacting the merchant before using my booking then I don't bother. Quality of treatments varies tremendously! I have some of the best and worst!!
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written by: TomphsonZ (2014-04-22)

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written by: yvonne duncan (2014-04-07)

Terrible service

For the past 6 x weeks I have been trying to receive the goods purchased using a KGB voucher. I cannot contact the merchant, and KGB (or nCrowd as they call themselves now) does nothing. I am trying to get a refund of my money, but am not holding my breath. If anyone out there has any idea what I can do, I'd really appreciate your advice.

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written by: Sally (2014-04-06)

Ripped off

I bought a voucher from kgb that went sour. I have been promised my £45 back from someone who is in a different time zone, and now can't get any response at all. The promised has not been followed through and I am £45 out of pocket. I can not get hold of this company. How does that one work. How come they are still trading if they don't have a contactable customer service in our time zone,?
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written by: Mrs P Gupta (2014-04-02)

kgb deals

Anyone who is thinking of buying from kgb, please don't. I got tempted bought deals and lost lots of money. I raised concern but every time nothing satisfactory. I hated it. Then again recently I bought MicroSD card not arrived despite writing email,after email.
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written by: Joe Knight Comfy King (2014-01-21)

Terrible Business

I was a merchant on KGB, They are the biggest bunch of idiots i have dealt with. YOU ARE NEVER GETTING A 'DEAL' WITH THEM. They forced me to put my prices up to show a discount ! beware KGB is a scam, if you want a deal go direct to the merchant and email them that you want the item can i buy with out KGBs commision.
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written by: inga hughes (2014-01-15)

weekends away

I have just rang and spoke to a lovely young man who sorted out my problem as we spoke,my fault and not KGB fault.My voucher was resent to me in seconds and a follow up phone call,I wont be letting my granddaughter down,Many Many thanks to KGB
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 loads very slow, please fix this admin
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written by: f webb (2013-08-20)

three course meal +champagn cocktail

i bought meal deal for my son+daughter in law wedding anniversary.i give details of card and paid , got no responce, no voucher, no reply from email, so no meal ,no money refund,no reply.thanks
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written by: Kirsten Szuster (2013-06-25)

Never sent goods - no refund!

This company is awful - 3 times I have had problems with them, should have learned my lesson after the first time.

Customer service is terrible, no communication.

The companies they use in their deals are usually awful also, never answering calls etc

Avoid this company at all costs - I won't be using them again.

The most recent incident is a deal where they are supposed to send out divaderm products which I ordered in feb and still havent recieved in june.

My emails have been ignored or met with cheeky response about not getting in touch soon enough to get a refund.
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written by: patsy bracken (2013-06-12)


I ordered 2 mobile phones from KGB over 2 months ago, just as I ordered I realised the deal was not as good as i Initally thought and cancelled, I am still waiting for my deposit to be returned, they never respond to e-mails, and have to obligation to customers once they have your money. DO Not deal with this crowd of sharks, if you make a mistake, or change youyr mind you will not see your money again!
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written by: P Jones (2013-06-07)

Hanging basket deal

I ordered 4 hanging baskets on April 7th - 2 months and approximately 9 attempts to contact KGB I still have not rec'd them. KGB aren't even answering my emails now. They make the process too hard when it goes wrong.
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written by: May Logan (2013-05-20)

My Diet Loss

My daughter purchased My Diet Loss products on KGB for me. The products is excellent and customer services were so helpful and we got delivery the next day!!!!
Excellent company to deal with.
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written by: Wendy Graffy (2013-03-27)

customer service

The deals are good BUT woe betide if you have a query ... The Questions and Answers site list a variety of solutions BUT if you have a problem outside the box your stumped... just try and find a contact number.The only one I could find has a ridiculous charge for usage, the only option left is to use the e-mail messaging. Three e-mails later I am still waiting for a solution to my problem - namely don't leave it too long before you 'cash' in your voucher kgb seem to remove any deals that are over a certain period of time and there is no way you can retrieve your deal even if the expiry date has not expired .... Don't think I will risk losing any more money I will not be buying any more deals ... suggest you do the same
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written by: Cath Gildart (2013-03-19)

EDD products LCD photo keyring

Sorry meant December 2012!!!
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written by: Cath Gildart (2013-03-19)

EDD products LCD photo keyring

I bought a voucher for 2 of these keyrings in early December 2013. I wanted them as Christmas gifts. I have contacted the seller who has failed to reply several times. kgb have replied to all my emails but haven't yet resolved the problem.
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written by: Ellen Vaughan (2013-03-10)

10.1'' tablet bundle.

Absoloute scam! Bought a 10.1'' android tblet bundle off Bo Vida via KGB Deals in Novermber, allow 21 working days delivery it said. It was a christmas present so I thought that would give me enough time. No, i recived it the 29th December, 4 days after christmas! And to add insult to injury, it arrived with a smashed screen! I sent it back Janurary 5th and had no reply to say they had recieved it. I emailed them numerous amounts of times and had no replies. I emailed them asking about my tablet and they asked for a tracking number. I sent a further email with it on and again had no reply! Its now March, 4 months later and I am none the wiser about the tablet. I will be contacting Pay-Pal with this issue and I will hopefully get my money back. I will never deal with KGB deals, sham website!
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written by: Colin morgan (2012-12-17)

Tablet bundle

I think it's a total scam!!! I bought a tablet bundle from them which never arrived getting in contact with KGB and the merchant deals4gadhets was impossible!! Eventually after numerous msgs back and forth on Facebook which seems to be the best way posting on their page I got a refund I know I'm a lucky 1 because others haven't had the same result although I didn't get the £9.99 p&p back but you really gotta badger them!! Avoid at all costs!!!!!
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written by: carol davies (2012-12-16)

watch deal

Purchased a voucher early November for two modern bracelet style watches available from Funky Pig. As expected rather too good to be true.First link would not open and got little help from kb deals. Finally accessed around 20th November. After numerous requests to funky pig did receive 2 watches yesterday - but not in colour ordered. Supposed value £79 but hardly worth more than the £7 postage for the two! Would never use this company again
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written by: Sandra Wright (2012-12-15)


I have used KGB twice, the first time was good - weekend break in lakes for £99 bargin. I recently bought 3 kids Y Pads as advertised on KGB website, got an email to say card debited and "order on its way" so i did nothing and waited for order to arrive. I have received no email giving me voucher codes to purchase the items from the seller. I went onto My Deals and saw the 3 vouchers but i was unable to open them and as they expired that day i clicked redeem thinking that is what i must have to do.. I have still not received any goods or for that matter any response from KGB to my queries via the customer support. I need to speak to some one and there is no phone numbers or even email address to e-mail. These items are Christmas Presents and I need to know if its still possible to purchase them. KGB do not give enough information to people on how to redeem vouchers. I was confused.
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written by: BJW (2012-12-10)

KGB Android tablet

Beware scam company Bo-Vida. Item obviously a cheap chinese fake/copy which is advertised on Ebay for £30. Took over a month to arrive. Bo-Vida breached data protection act by giving out everyone's email addresses. Item doesn't work, won't charge or keep charge. Switches off. Bo-Vida say they will investigate into giving a replacement, I say I have received shoddy merchandise and want a refund. KGB not helpful! I don't even want to rate this 1 star but have to so it will be published!
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written by: Mike Blythe (2012-12-10)

Carpet cleaning

Signed up for a deal to clean carpets.
1st of all the merchant could not be contacted as his phone was stolen?
KGB gave new number.
The merchant then said that he would visit and gave time and date......guess what....he did not arrive.
I phoned him again and he said that he had been flooded???? and he would can that evening to re-arrange visit date......guess what.....he did not call.
Complained to KGB 4 times, on each occasion they e-mailed back saying that they needed, at first 2 days to resolve then latest they say they need 6 days to resolve, even after 8 days, still nothing.

The customer service is the worst that I have ever experienced.
I will never deal with them again.

They do not appear to be able to be contacted via the phone.

They are nothing short of a disgrace

Be warned DO NOT USE KGB
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written by: Graham Charlton (2012-12-01)

USB VHS to DVD converter

Apologies regarding previous review,I did not mention the price that Kgb were charging -Wait for it ----- £12.99 (BARGAIN)
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written by: Graham Charlton (2012-12-01)

USB VHS to DVD converter

What a RIP OFF Do not buy this product from this company.You can buy the identical product on the online for £4.99 inc P&P and delivered next day .
I have contacted KGB on a few occasions but they refuse to comment or acknowledge emails (through quilt)I check regularly on their "Deals" and their prices are no where near what they are advertised,as proven by recent media coverage.
Keep away from them and buy elsewhere.
PS I have rated them as 1 star simply because the system will not allow to enter a zero
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written by: Olga (2012-11-19)

Compton Hair in Covent Garden - bad service

For a £10 I Have bought a luxury waxing voucher worth £40! When tryed to contact Compton Hair, was not availability for two months, when 2 weeks before expiry date I said I have to reedem it till 9th of september I got told I should book appointment earlier which wasnt possible!! When contacted kgb service, they said they cant help me and Its merchant who should get my refund, so I didnt get no service not refund. Thought the deal still didnt expire at the moment I have asked. Very bad experience of paying money for nothing!
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written by: cheryl (2012-11-13)

item bought - never received

Bought an iphone 4/4s Power Skin in September, 6.99. This was through a company called KGB andThats Glam. Have sent around 20 emails to both company still waiting for delivery of product. Getting slowly pissed off. Have asked for contact numbers also so I could speak to somebody but to no avail. If
anyone has a contact number please advise .
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written by: H Clabburn (2012-11-05)

non-refund even though merchant could not fulfill

Earlier this year I had a voucher due to expire in a few days @ Seawise Camden when I called to book they could not offer a suitable time before Expiry and would not extend voucher. So I applied for a credit as I have done with other deal companies as the merchant could not fulfill the booking to be told by email that no credit could be given under terms only if the merchant has ceased trading,they marked the issue resolved which it clearly was not! so I reopened the complaint saying it was unacceptable to take peoples money for a service that could not be booked,I have advised them that I woulsd take the issue further with trading standards but they are not interested ,you cannot speak to anyone,so I have taken it up with Watchdog and hope they will investigate for the next series. DO NOT USE THIS DEAL COMPANY as they are not honourable or a fair trader
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written by: diane moffat (2012-11-02)

kgb deal--never again

I booked a two night bed and breakfast stay at the mercure hotel in Ayr. at time of booking wasn't told of any restrictions. Today tried to book the 24th and 25th November for our break, checked that hotel had availability then phoned number on kgb voucher. Told sorry hotel has no vacancies that date, told person I had just checked hotel and they did in fact have vacancies said sorry just none for kgb deals first he could offer me was the 9th December I told him voucher only valid until 7th December asked if he could ask if hotel would take us as they do have vacancies was told no they definately wont.
I think this is very poor service I bought deal thinking I could choose when to use it but this is third booking I have had refused so I can assure you I definately wont be booking anything with kgb deals ever again and will be advising all friends and family to steer clear as well. Am most dissapointed with this company.
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written by: Kay Lawrence (2012-11-02)

KGB - Allure Aesthetics

Bought a deal for a massage when I telephoned the salon they told me they were not taking any more appointments via KGB deals and that they had told KGB this. I then contacted KGB who told me that they would contact the salon, which they did, and asked me to re-contact them to make an appointment, which I did. I was told again that they are not making appointments and my number was taken by the salon and I was told they would contact their manager. I contacted KGB again and told them that I did not want to deal with this salon again and that they should refund me. I am still waiting a week now for a response. Terrible salon and terrible Dealer. Avoid at all costs. I cannot find a telephone number for KGB either as they are not responding to my last email.
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written by: Katie JJ (2012-09-17)


Horrid experience..... Waited six months for delivery of my sofa. It came and was of shocking quality. now, 12 weeks on, the whole base has collapsed. The website for the Lime Tree Shop is no longer live, emails bounce back and KGB don't want to know.
A company gone bump.... a broken sofa...... a company who don't want to know.

Don't deal with these people.....
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written by: jan Brightmore (2012-09-12)

deal failed KGB does not answer e mail

I have been incredibly happy with most other KGB deals but on this occasion I am disappointed with firm providing offer but absolutely disgusted with the response of KGB to my e mailed request for assistance.

I purchased deal for 2 hours handyman service. Did manage with great difficulty to contact firm who took booking. They did not arrive. Daily attempts to contact eventually got throgh told they were having great difficulty with a contract but they would honour vouchers. Subsequently no response to daily phone calls advised KGB who gave me the telephone number I was using for firm printed on voucher suggesting I ring them. I continued trying to contact firm to no avail. I requested KGB on several occasions to refund monies with no response. When I e mail about problem afresh am told it is a duplicate - this I know since the issue has not been dealt with.
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written by: LIz (2012-09-11)

Flawless cleaning

Bought the Capet cleaning deal. This company do not answer their phones. Made appointment for them to visit and they did not show up, took days to get through to them. Made another appointment time for last Friday and again they did not show. Have left numerous messages but no one gets back to me. I'm at a loss of what to do next..... Anyone else suffering with this deal? Not worth any stars..
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written by: Cheryl Innis (2012-09-09)

Nails by Natalia

I thought a £9 kgb deal for a deluxe manicure and pedicure (valued at £64) was far too good to be true but, as I'd had such a brilliant experience with a kgb hotel deal in Bedfordshire earlier this year, I thought I'd give it a try. The salon was small and uncomfortable. The pedicure which was done by the owner was fine and she was pleasant and friendly. The manicure was done by a younger member of her staff and was awful. It became obvious to me quite quickly that she was not a manicurist but I felt too uncomfortable to say anything or complaine as she was a pleasant young woman. I'm useless at painting my own nails but could have done a better job than she did. In fact, on the way home I stopped off at a pharmacy, bought some nail polish remover pads and immediately removed the badly applied polish. I know that there is no way that this deal was worth the advertised voucher value of £64. My usual more upmarket salon only charges £35!
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written by: A Boyle (2012-09-08)

Laser hair removal clinic a plus

Don't use kgb deals! When something goes wrong they have not the slightest interest in helping. Even after several e-mails all they decide it is "revolved" they don't read e-mails and understand it is a healt and saftey issue. One star is even too much
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written by: gail young (2012-09-07)

Andriod Tablet

Bought an andriod tablet 31 July still waiting on purchase have tried to contact seller answering machine saying to busy to answer. KGB says they are looking into it. Heard from other buyers through a web site that lets you do a check on the company's total scam as far as i am concerned, am wanting my money back waited far to long and compnay says payment still pending even though i have paid
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written by: amanda fadden (2012-09-04)


I would have hoped and assumed that KGB would check deals out prior to them joining up as partners. This hotel was quaint, but not staffed and ran in an appropriate way. DSS people staying in the same hotel although did not cause a problem, the hotel would not keep the bar open/manned which stopped paying guests enjoying a night cap
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written by: Brenda Moir (2012-09-03)

Kgb sofa bed

I wouldn't recommend kgb deals to anybody. We ordered a sofa bed back in April. It was ment to take four to six weeks, however took two months! Two have been delivered, unfortunately both damaged. We asked for a refund three weeks ago and are still awaiting a reply. KGB deals are an untrustworthy company and obviously have no interest in pleasing customers!
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written by: hughoneill (2012-09-01)

Cavas print purchase

Would not recommend. Purchased canvas print 2 months ago. Heard nothing.Email replies not ver helpful.
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written by: Bernie Harris (2012-08-30)


I purchased voucher from them for leather weekend bag, delivery stated 21 days, waited 21 days no delivery, emailed seller no reply, emailed kgb given link to seller for order update just said in process.Emailed seller again about status of delivery 2 days later emailed me with order despatched, also gave me yodel tracking number.
Waited another couple of weeks no delivery, contacted yodel they had no such tracking number and no parcel waiting to be deliverd to my address. Contacted kgb again on 29/8/12 by email asking them to deal with this matter as it was not down to me to keep emailing the seller. They emailed me the next day with a very short but brief message stating look at their terms and conditions no refund after 7 days, and they offerd no help in sorting this matter.Well how can you do that if it states 21 days for delivery, how was I to know there would be a problem with their seller. All in all I waited 55 Days still no delivery, they had my money nearly 2 months ago and I have nothing, also paid for delivery of item on top of voucher what a farse. Also waiting on other orders from them made over a month ago.
I am so angry how kgb can treat customers like this so phoned paypal they could not get a refund back as it had gone over 45 days, but they will put a dispute with the company through them, also they told me to phone my bank as they may be able to do something. Phoned my bank and as I have paypal as a direct debit on my account they put my money back into my account due too direct debit policy, So paypal claim money back from kgb.
So people only pay by paypal, don't leave money in your paypal account register your card with them so when you purchase through paypal money comes from your bank account on direct debit to paypal.
Your bank can help you then.
Will never buy from kgb again and when i've received all my orders from kgb will close account with them. Also asked bank to refund other direct debits to paypal for kgb, which I have not redeemed yet and they did, bank said I will probably here from kgb, well I suppose they will want to talk to me, makes a change as they did not want to know before.

Hope this helps

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written by: MRS M SPECTOR (2012-08-22)

kgb Refund

i have located the email of the CEO it is and have emailed him. My credit card has already been dedeucted and it is still impossible to get hold of kgb
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written by: mrs M spector (2012-08-20)

KGB Refund

Terrible company to get hold of. A phone number which is always "too busy" , gives an email so quickly you can't understand it and then clicks off. & day cooling off period even though you have to be able to book whatever you have purchased and this is sometimes not possible within 7 Days.
I purchased a Hairdresser voucher and the reception was so busy they were rude to me when I tried to tell them what I wanted and told me to go elsewhere and yet I cannot get my money back. Will never book through KGB again.
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written by: glyn (2012-08-20)

non delivery of long awaited item

After trying to contact many times re our purchase we have been fobbed off time and again ,they have full payment also for delivery .The item was ordered way back in June,can any one tell me is this company a scam ,we will take this matter to the highest level if it is not settled now
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written by: Tishu (2012-08-17)

Bad gel nails

Thank you for REFUND .only took mins THANK YOU. RIHANNA
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written by: Sirdi (2012-08-15)

KGB should be shut down what a scam

Bought a holiday deal from KGB, tried to cancel it but no response from KGB. Then I received my bank statement, it showed that KGB have charged me twice!! I have tried to contact KGB through the contact kgb form, have sent emails and have tried to phone them. These people are a joke no, correction a nightmare. They should be shut odwn. I have had to get in touch with my bank and will try to get the money back through them. Someone should investigate these people seems like they do not care once they have taken your money ... the ******
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written by: Leon (2012-08-09)

Refund laws

If you order an item from KGB deals and you don't receive it, you have 7 days after you receive the item to cancel the order under distance selling laws. So even if you order an item and you goes past KGB deals rules of 'after 7 days after you've placed the order, no refund', by law you can still get a refund. The 7 day rule only applies after you've received the item. If they give you any problems let them know about the distance selling laws and that you'll be contact trading standards and see how fast you get a full refund. Worked for me.
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written by: Martine Thouless (2012-08-07)


Kgb deals are thieves. They take your money and could not care less if you have a problem. Customer service is non existent. I bought 2 vouchers for wireless speakers from clearly contemporary , 1 code does not work, and the p&p is £2.00 more expensive than advertised, so £4.00 for me as I bought 2 vouchers. I have been mailing them for a week, and I have had 2? Replies , saying they are checking the deal ? What? It's their deal, and easy to rectify , just send a working code, and give the p&p as advertised at £3.99 . Go onto their Facebook page and look at all the complaints , it's unbelievable, and they just don't care , because they have your hard earned money. How the hell do they get away with this, why has someone not stepped in to stop them ripping people off .?
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written by: Alison Elson (2012-08-07)


Bought a hotel deal in January 2011, hotel wouldn't honour it. KGB refunded the £90 to my KGB acc but I had to spend it thru them within 60 days or they would keep it!!! E-mailed them to ask for a refund via cheque and was told it would take 'a while'. Have e-mailed them several times and am still getting the same response every time - 'it's being dealt with, allow 5 working days.' Has now been 4 months!! Will NEVER make another purchase with them. Appalling service. If I could put zero stars, I would have done so!
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written by: steve.bell (2012-08-07)

KGB deals

I purchased a deal from KGB 3rd of July, still have not received the purchase, due to a voucher code error. After numerous emails, and very few replies i am no closer to getting the item. I notice this morning that the deal is back on with KGB. I would recommend that you do not purchase this deal as i look i will be out of pocket. They do not return emails, you cannot contact you by phone, if you do get a reply they tell you to contact the supplier of the item, contact the supplier and they tell you to contact KGB. So not a good experience with this company.
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written by: Chrysi Tsiouri (2012-08-03)

chesterfield sofas

bought them january, still not received
lime tree shop phone number does not answer and on my constant emails, they just postpone delivery by another working day or week or month
i think it is all fraud
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written by: Patricia Jones (2012-08-02)

Chesterfield sofa

I purchase a voucher for the sofa, £400, Delivery 5 weeks. Tried to cancel the order but they would not allow me to do so,it is now 9 weeks and they want me accept delivery end of August.I have everyright to cancel and not accept delivery .
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written by: Margaret Brough (2012-08-02)

poor customer service

My first deal bought with kgb, booked reservation, great.
Was then contacted by hotel to tell me my voucher had been declined, by kgb. Kgb have taken money from my account, so still trying to contact them, to see what is happening. There is a telephone number but it is never answered, and I am still waiting reply from email, not a good start kgb, will not use again after this experience.
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written by: Kate Horner (2012-07-27)

IT Luggage

Bought the IT Luggage offer and it is great. Excellent quality and quick delivery plus the luggage is guaranteed for 10 years. No complaint from me, the price of the luggage wass excellent, three pieces for what I would have to pay for just one and the smaller ones at that. Driver even brought the box right into the house for us. Great
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written by: Simon (2012-07-04)

Poor Customer Service

Bought a murder mystery weekend off this site. The company cancelled but didnt bother telling us. Neither did KGB. Now trying to get my money back and have sent 6 emails already.. Wont call you and dont seem to be wanting to give me my money back. Gonna speak to my bank in a minute to see if they can help.
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written by: Kerry Dunne (2012-06-06)

Bad Service

I have bought 2 items of KGB deals and I won’t be doing it again!

The first deal was the discounted Hair extensions they took over 4 weeks to arrive and were very poor quality when they did.

I then purchased the Onesie deal , went online choose my colour and size paid my deliver only 2 find the company had taken £189.99 out of my account. I was reimbursed and had to order again, the Onesie arrived 3 weeks later my size small is the same measurements as the XXL the response I had was if you sent it back if we have any in stock we will send you a new.

Both deals I received terrible customer service from the companies.
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written by: Frances Tait (2012-05-01)

RRP discount hair extensions

I ordered and paid for these on the 2nd March 2012. it is now 01st May 2012 and I have yet to receive the hair extensions which displayed allow UPTO 14 days delivery. KGB Deals want nothing to do with it (why would they, they have their cut) RRP Discount give every cock and bull story going (when they feel like answering an email) and do not answer the telephone number they provided.KGB Deals are actually offering this hair extension deal this morning??? How can that be when I haven't yet received mine form 2nd March??? Please stear clear of this deal!!!!
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written by: jennifer (2011-10-11)

no response from buxoro restaurant

bought a voucher but no reponse by phone or email to buxoro restaurant to use my voucher or respones from kgb. i need my refund.
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written by: Caitlin Ferrell (2011-10-05)

KGB Deals i-SkinMedix pillow order

I bought a KGB voucher for memory foam pillows from i-SkinMedix and placed my order with the company on August 15th. Its now October 5th and I still haven't received my pillows. i-SkinMedix has never responded to any emails, and KGB Deals responded to my first a month ago, saying I would get my pillows no later than September 30th, which came and went. My email to KGB Deals has gone unanswered.

i-SkinMedix sent a mass email this morning saying that everyone should start receiving their pillows October 10th and that we should track our order via the "My Account" page on their website, which surprisingly, does not work!!

I'm so pissed off, never going to do business with either of the companies again.
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written by: Ron Guest (2011-09-20)

uber casa king sized De-luxe memory foam topper

After 5 weeks of trying to order this item and countless e-mails.. plus phone calls...still unable to enter voucher for this item despite assurances that it has been dealt with...I will keep this message updated but do not expect anything to happen in the near future...
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written by: Margaret Jones (2011-07-04)

Torpedo garden furniture

I bought a KGB voucher for this deal on 9th May. I am still waiting delivery of this item. I am constantly being told that 'the ship' will dock shortly and my order will be dispached.
I have been given the same excuse for the past three weeks. My order was to be delivered within 4 weeks. I have just been told that the 'ship' is due to dock on 6th July. You have had my money for this deal for 2 months. Is this the way KGB run their business ie not keeping to their contract?
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written by: maggie philpot (2011-06-23)

Teeeth whitening pen

I have given my credit card details and have been charged £12.75 and I am still awaiting delivery since 3/4 weeks ???
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written by: alice mcewan (2011-06-19)

great deals

dont know how people can complain, these deals are amazing!could not afford to pay these restuarant prices if not for kjb deals and if i want to cancel, they have been brilliant
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written by: Mathias Johnes (2011-03-14)


KGB should really start to get better deals on their site. i am checking a few offers from different sites and KGB is by far the worst. dont waste your time.
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written by: Annabel Inkpen (2010-07-23)

Great deals and vouchers

kgb Deals has some great vouchers and special offers for everything from spa days to restaurants. Well worth signing up to get the deal of the day as the special offers come thick and fast.
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