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LivingSocial offers daily deals on handpicked experiences that can be shared with friends. Our mission is to add surprise to every calendar. So we dig deep, pursuing both the things that define a place and the undiscovered jewels.

Duration: 1-3 Days
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written by: Kathryn tilson (2018-02-04)


I purchased a pair of steam punk cufflinks at the end of November 2017 at a cost of £10.99. When I received my bank statement living social took out the payment twice. I have contacted the company by telephone with no success and also by e mail again with no response.I don't want a credit refund I just want what is mine back.
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written by: Julia (2018-01-13)

Avoid like the plague

I bought what was supposed to be a memory foam mattress topper from living social.what a load of crap. When it eventually arrived it was just a 1 inch piece of blue foam. The cover is like paper and there are no corner straps to strap to the bed to stop it from moving.
Never again will I buy anything from one of these site's. A complete load of rubbish.This site is just ripping people off.
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written by: Mary (2017-03-28)

Living Social credit

Very disappointed with my recent experience with Living Social.

I purchased 3 vouchers but following several unsuccessful attempts to contact vendor I looked for my payments to be refunded. And they were immediately refunded to my Living Social account albeit not to my card.

Then I decided to make alternative purchase to use up my Living Social credit before it expired....but payment for my new purchase was taken from my debit card instead of from my existing Living Social credit.

Tried calling Living Social number 1-877-521-4191 several times but each time was told “please try again later”. Also emailed recommended email address got no response either.
The 30 day limit for my credit is fast approaching and I still haven't heard from living Social.

No comparison with Groupon.

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written by: Theresa (2017-03-17)

Misleading and won't give redund! LivingSocial

LivingSocial have proved themselves to be misleading and devious. They have a deal on their website for 50ml of blackhead removal mask with 40 eye masks. I purchased it and then on the receipt, I noticed that it says 20 eye masks. I emailed them and they said I didn't purchase the one for 40, but 20. I told them that they haven't even got a deal for 20 eye masks. They asked for proof of what I was claiming so I screen shot everything. He totally ignored it all and said I'm not receiving a refund. He just kept repeating himself after my replies. I've asked for their name and they've not replied. I'm disgusted. They've blatantly been misleading on a purpose as there is no way they'd make this so called mistake on each page as they say 40 eye masks but at the bottom, I'm small writing, it says 20. And they still haven't took the deal off and corrected their mistake. So it's obvious that they rely on people like me who may be ordering in a rush etc. don't buy from them!!! Plus.... I still haven't even received my item!!!!
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written by: MICHAEL D EIDE (2016-07-27)

Living Social

Horrible experience. The New Moon Salon in Lafayette was not a bone fide salon and went out of business shortly after I bought a massage. Not able to get a refund and spend hours (no exaggeration) on phone trying to speak to a representative. The company appears to be a big scam and does not vet its sellers.
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written by: maxine quayle (2015-02-25)


am disqusted with this site and fuming! i paid 12 month subscription fee of £35,around 3 months ago! and still heard nothing about it,said i would recieve a code to redeem.which i never got,am in really poor health and could do without this rip off company!just want the card or a refund!come on get your act together! cant be that difficult to sort out? no correspondance or phone call to let me know what has happened? sort it out! from a very dissapointed ex customer.think i should at the very least get an apology? most unwell and upset lady who has been in and out of the hospital for the last 3 weeks,with severe health conditions,was really looking forward to a family meal when i recover,as have not been able to eat properly for weeks! shame on you...
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written by: GeorgeZ (2014-06-19)

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written by: Lyn williams (2014-04-12)

Hale fitness Vendor Not Honouring Deal

I am really Fed up with hale fitness they don't respond to emails Wont answer Telephone, or txt messages.& Now they say deal over NO REFUND,Not my problem I have tried for months to get my massge, if vendor wont spk to you & Living social keep messing you about " Wake up " Iam a dissatisfied customer, Give me my money back.
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written by: Cheryl Fairbairn (2014-03-24)

living social awful experience

I bought a voucher for a boiler service - the service person did not show up for the appointment. I emailed the company and tried to call- each time leaving a message. I then contacted living social and was told they would deal with it. After a week they replied stating that the service person had no record of the appointment and I should keep trying to contact them. I am still outstanding a service or refund and living social were more than useless.
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written by: Liz Dabrowski (2014-01-17)

Living Social

AVOID. WILL NEVER USE AGAIN. I purchase a voucher to buy Clarins products with company called Pink Style. AWFUL company, do not use. I never received the products various excuses e.g. products out of stock when it comes back in stock we will send it you, they never did. They do not respond to emails, if they answer the phone, when I explain the situation they hang up. Have had endless emails with Living Social they refuse to do anything, they say they no longer have a contract with Living Social so can’t do anything far as they are concerned. I’ve explained to Living Social their company has flaws in it: it allows a company to take our money, say the item is out of stock, due back in stock very soon and will be sent when back in stock in the meantime their contract with Living Social expires they know that Living Social aren’t going to do anything therefore the company keeps our money and does not supply goods. Living Social refused to answer my questions they repeatedly sent standard company formatted letters that did not address my problem. Will never use Living Social again!!Have used GROUPON many times are much better
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written by: Sandy Baptie (2014-01-05)

Horrible experience over deal with Britannia Finance

I have used Groupon on numerous occasions and found their products and after care treatment excellent. On a couple of occasions I have asked for a refund or credit note and every time I have been satisfied by their response. I have never had any issues.

I received an email regarding a similar site 'Living Social'. I decided to give this firm a try and ordered a will to be progressed by Brittania Finance in Edinburgh. I think it was for £25, that seemed a good price.

Thereafter and after a long period of time and reminders from me to this firm that I wished to receive my goods (a written will) a time and date was agreed on a Friday morning when they would contact me direct by phone. I had provided them with my mobile and home phone number.

I am in fulltime employment and so I set aside 30 minutes at the appointed 10 am time slot. I did not receive any call on my mobile!!!!! I wasted 30 minutes and at 1030 sent this firm an email asking for a refund. I have a copy of this email. I could not consider trusting this firm with my will after such shocking service.

As I did not receive a reply I contacted Living Social to complain and ask for a refund.

The treatment I have had from Living Social is disgraceful. At no time have I been offered sympathy. I have been told that no refund can be made even though I have not received my goods (written will) I was asked to furnish my phone bill to Living Social showing I had not received a call. I, the customer, was basically being told I was a liar. Why would I????? I did try to obtain my phone bill with incoming calls but my provider , 3 mobile, stated that by law they were not allowed to furnish me with these details.

I did send Living Social a copy of the email I sent to Brittania Finance at 1030 am immediately after my wasted 30 minutes waiting on their pre arranged call. This email is dated and timed!

Despite numerous emails to Living Social I have received no sympathy, no apologies, no offer and have been, as I stated , basically been called a liar.

I would NEVER use Living Social again. Their Customer Care team is disgraceful and I have already warned several other people off using this site.

What a difference between Groupon and Living Social. It is like the difference between black and white.

This is only about £25 but because of Living Social's behaviour I am not going to let it go. I did ask Living Social, though email,to whom I could contact to push my complaint higher. Guess what, I never received a reply.

Avoid this company like the plague!
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written by: Sue Malaney (2013-12-30)

Avoid like the plague!

Do not use Living Social...they seem to have perfected the art of the scam! I ordered 2 USB phone chargers on keyrings as Christmas stocking fillas. After waiting weeks, I finally emailed the supplier, Shopper Gold, and was horrified to receive a barely literate response, promising delivery, then redelivery and I knew I was never going to receive the items!
Living Social is quite arrogant and uncompromising, choosing to answer just some of the emails I sent. under the distance selling regulations, it is illegal to only offer 7 days in which to request a refund.
The only good thing to come out of it was that I had paid using PayPal, so after raising a claim with them, I finally got my money back!!
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written by: Gianni Lo Iacono (2013-12-19)

barefoot cancel the service and refuse to give the money back

Appalling experience, I feel I was robbed!
My wife bought a flight lesson from a company called barefootdays ( She bought the voucher from livingsocial (
Well, barefootdays cancelled the lesson because of bad weather asking us to provide alternative dates. We did but they never got back to us, after a few exchanges of emails and eventually they said that the offer was no longer available and we could get a refund from livingsocial. We therefore contacted Livingsocial but they declined to refund us on the basis that it had passed more than one year since we bought the voucher. Both companies refer to each other for the refund, but the net result is that they cancelled the service that we paid for and both refuse to reimburse us.

I hope that sharing this experience will prevent other customers repeating the same appalling experience. I really feel being robbed!!
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written by: Darren Curtis (2013-09-24)

barefoot flying con through living social

All sorts of problems booking this, misleading dates on it and then offered a refund type deal where I purchase more to get my original monies back. Awful and I lost £50+
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written by: |Debbie Helkin (2013-08-11)

Purchase of tickets for 'Barking in Essex'

Just purchased 2 very expensive deal tickets for this offer. Voucher codes given unredeemable, query page takes you back to the voucher redemption page as if you are an idiot you can't read instructions and need reminding. Complaints no on website in not in service. Why are we, as customers, always left with all the hassle when we are spending money with these organisations. Last time for me.

Earlier customer also complained about a steam cleaner. We purchased one, it never worked well and after a few months no steam came out at all. Refund refused, too late. Apparently £70+ products are only meant to work for a few months!
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written by: Sarah (2013-07-27)

Living Social

Not happy, deal has not arrived I think it is dodgy and a waste of the £30 I have spent which I really can't afford to lose. Avoid!
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written by: Mrs T (2013-07-10)

Do NOT use living social!!

I purchased a steam mop nearly 3 months ago, the company it was coming from (Ooplo) were blatant in that they weren't going to send it out, I still haven't had a refund despite ringing and my emails just ignored!! If you have been stung like me, customer services number is 02033560899 as its really hard to find on the web.
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written by: Mike Stone (2013-07-04)

Living Social

I purchased two vouchers for beach dresses for my wife at the beginning of may,to date, I have not received them.Despite several attempts I have had no luck getting a refund from them or the merchant.
However,I paid by Paypal and they are looking into
the transaction.I'll keep you posted on any result.
But my advice is avoid them and any similar company like the plague.
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written by: Carl (2013-07-01)

Voucher time run out

Avoid at all cost robbing twats
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written by: John McMaster (2013-06-29)

Refunds from LS

I bought a Living Social voucher for a hotel and when they had no rooms free on the night I wanted claimed the sum back. LS e-mailed accepting my claim and offering the choice between a cash refund and a larger sum in "LS Pounds" for a replacement voucher. I clicked on the link provided for registering this choice and was deterred from proceeding further by the security warnings which resulted. What is going on?
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written by: Hilary Loo (2013-06-07)


I recently tried to get a refund from LS as the provider of the offer could not offer dates suitable to us (they did have dates available but as soon as LS offer was made known to them they said it was not available!! If comapnies want LS offers they should not discriminate) However LS flatly refused to give refund and were quite unhelpful and displayed no customer quality. I have used them before but will Never use them again
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written by: Pauline Darby (2013-05-09)

Poor customer relations with Living Social

I recently have been unable to use a voucher due to distressing family reasons but LS refused point blank to issue a refund although they know the voucher wasn't redeemed. Will never use them again. Groupon have a five star rating and on the odd occassion I have asked for a refund and been given it cheerfully and promptly. Recommend Groupon completely with reservation.
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written by: Rebecca (2013-04-28)

Living Social going into administration

Living Social deal site is about to go bankrupt so I would avoid them at all costs they are going under. Unsurprising really with their poor customer service and poor reviews!!!
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written by: Paul Fox (2013-04-22)

living social and barefoot flying scam

I bought a deal of living social for a flying lesson with barefoot. I tried to redeem my voucher on numerous occasions and both companies were very unhelpful to say the least. After contacting living social again I am told someone will contact me within a week but it looks like barefoot have gone bust or just scammed us. Looks like we will be heading to the small claims court. Do NOT use living social.
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written by: Asby (2012-08-31)

barefootdays & living social worst experience ever

I've had one of the worst online shopping experience with these two companies. The deal was a total messup from head to toe. It's been five months and i still can't redeem my voucher. The customer service at both companies were among the most frustrating experience ever, especially barefootdays people were terribly unprofessional and rude. I thought the whole purpose of doing discounts is to make sure that customers will come back. But looks like barefootdays are just up for making a quick buck. I would rate negative stars if i can.
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written by: Laura (2012-08-18)

Avant Garde Aigbuth Liverpool - Awful - AVOID

I had a LS voucher for Avant Garde salon in Aigburth Liverpool for cut n blow and conditioning treatment with £30 of beauty treatment. I used to go the AG in Wavertree and it was great but expensive. I booked the hair app and called later and said I wanted to add a beauty treatment as I had a LS voucher now, she instantly changed her attitude and without looking at bookings said they had no time available for treatments at all that day, she didn’t even ask what I wanted,I just wanted a 2 minute eyebrow wax which they defiantly could have fitted in. I was shocked by this and made my hair app with another salon. I didn't want to waste the voucher so a few weeks later I called AG salon booked my hair app and eyelash extensions and they booked them in at short notice with no problems, the next day I called and told them I would be using a LS voucher, she didn’t seem happy but I had already booked. When I got there it was a awful, even though it was virtually empty she couldn’t wait to get me out. There was one other customer and 4 staff, it normally takes 1 ½ hour for my normal hair app, this took 20 mins (wash, cut blow and conditioning treatment which I don’t even think she did), she wasn't openly rude to me but she was talking to the other staff and customer and not me. The eyelash extensions were meant to be £10 so I could have asked for the extra £20 worth of treatments but I couldn't be bothered as they made it obvious I wasn't a welcomed customer. The eyelashes looked nice that day but started falling off the next day, I was told they would last up to a week. The Avant Garde salons are not linked, must be a franchise, so I would use the Wavertree one again just not the Aigbuth Road one. I don;t know why SOME of these companies do these deals but don't want to follow though. This was a problem with AG salon not LS so I will give LS 5 stars. I have been looking for a new hairdressers since mine went to Australia and I pay £35 for my cut and blow, they charge less than £30 so if they had been decent I would have happily become a regular customer, not a chance, avoid Avant Garde Aigburth Road, Liverpool
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written by: Laura (2012-08-18)

Beauty in Liverpool

Maybe ring a company and check availability before purchasing a voucher and check out the company first. It is horrible being ripped off so do what you can to prevent it. I saw a great deal in a Liverpool salon for nails, spray tan, eyelashes etc thought it would be nice as a bday present for my sisters 18th but I called the salon before I bought the voucher as I wanted to make sure I could book an appointment that suited her before I bought the voucher. I called on and off for about 3 hours and let it ring out for a couple of minutes at a time and no answer, I checked online and they were open that day, needless to say I didn't buy the voucher.
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written by: Laura (2012-08-18)

go carting , Hair, Beauty Liverpool

Go-carting voucher for £20 instead of £50, got 2. Had wanted to go before but would have cost £100 plus travel food etc so was happy I saw this voucher. Had a great time at Indoor Super Karting near Ormskirk, a bit out the way if you dont drive. Great fun would recommend to anyone. Due to exams at uni I ended up booking it last minute the week before it expired, they couldn't fit us in on Saturday only had Sunday and weekdays due to short notice but booked during week without any problems.
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written by: Sam Powles (2012-08-14)


Wish I had read these comments before being ripped off by them. 6 weeks ago, bought, paid for and ordered item from Little Cherubs via Living Social site.(10 days was the promised make-delivery timescale) Now (6 weeks later) neither Living Social or Little Cherubs are responsing to ANY communications. They should be shut down. Do NOT order anything from them. I am reporting to every consumer board available!
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written by: Michael Mason (2012-08-13)


Very very unhappy Customer service never reply phone never answered Will never use again BEWARE Had to give one star but they should have black stars!!!!!!!
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written by: William Stacey (2012-08-11)

living social will not respond

I cant get living social to awnser emails or the telephone I suspect they must be on the verge of going out of business I have a voucher where the traders contact numbers dont exist any longer, What can I do the voucher expires 21st Augaust
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written by: William Stacey (2012-08-11)

living social will not respond

I cant get living social to awnser emails or the telephone I suspect they must be on the verge of going out of business I have a voucher where the traders contact numbers dont exist any longer, What can I do the voucher expires 21st Augaust
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written by: Jenny (2012-08-10)

Never use Living social

I hate living social. Paid £15 for mytreadz shoes (similar to toms) voucher expires 31st august 2012, yet imagine my shock to log in to my account to see the merchant deemed the voucher as redeemed on 1st august, I hadnt even used the voucher!! I hadn't used the voucher as they didnt even stock my size, nor my boyfriends size, but this is by the by as I would have just bought mens 8 (of which there were non in stock, another annoying factor). But the point is I was robbed of £15. I of course emailed living social straight away to explain and expected it to be resolved immediately, I have had no response in nearly three weeks! Ridiculous. I will definitely be de activating my living social account, I really am so angry with them. Even it is was mytreadz error, living social should still have rectified this problem. I may as well have thrown £15 in the bin! Will never use them again.
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written by: paula eagles (2012-08-10)

Living Social

Living Social are a con. I have had 2 disasters with them recently.
The first was a really good deal for a computer. I paid in full and waited and waited. finally after 3 weeks was told their supplier couldn't supply and they would pay back my money in 10 days - they did that but I think they had my money for over a month just to fund their company cash flow. they gave me 30 deal vouchers as compensation as I made such a fuss.
The 2nd disaster was a teeth whitening voucher I purchased in June and made the appointment for my partner in July (the voucher is valid until October) it was advertised as the 'WHITER SMILE STUDIO' in Canary Wharf and the information and photo's looked very professional and upmarket. When he turned up for the appointment he found the so called studio was a grotty room with a young girl and no clinical or medical facilities at all just a doctors couch and that was it. We were expecting to be in a slick dental studio not some back street set up. Needless to say he left and I have reported to Living Social and asked for a refund as the deal was not as advertised but of course have had no reply, so money and time down the drain but it will be the last time. Be warned and don't use this sham company they are just a con.
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written by: Pieter (2012-08-06)

Living Social NEVER USE IT!!

Bought for mothers day O-Spa vouchers via Living Social. It appears O-Spa is a fraud company. Even I could forgive Living Social this, they NEVER respond to any mail sent to them. DO NEVER USE THEM!
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written by: Linda (2012-07-31)


I purchased a voucher for a photo canvas on 13th March. I have still not received this and livingsocial don't want to know. Their exact words are as follows "Remember that you are purchasing the deal from the merchant directly and that
LivingSocial just sold you a voucher which advertised the deal". I beg to differ as my payment on my bank statement says livingsocial, my receipt says livingsocial and I paid through the livingsocial website! I would never use livingsocial again and certainly would not recommend anyone to use them.It's been 4.5 months now and I have received nothing!
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written by: Sue Jackson (2012-07-28)

All good fun!

Very surprised at some of these comments as I have nothing but praise for Living Social. We've successfully redeemed many vouchers from their site including scuba diving experiences, snow sports and meals. In fact the only problems we had were redeeming a horse riding voucher but upon closer inspection it seemed the fault was mine for not noticing the dates and times specified in the fine print. LivingSocial has provided us with a range of activites and experiences as a family we would have otherwise not had access to - very happy. :-)
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written by: F (2012-07-25)

Living Social- rip off!

The worst consumer experience I ever had was with Livingsocial. Four of us bought a fitness weekend for £140 and kept telling Livingsocial the company's website was down and they would not respond to our calls or emails and had quite obviously gone bust. Livingsocial (when they did bother to reply, only AFTER I bombarded their facebook page), kept replying that they were in touch with the company which would contact us before our vouchers expired. Well suprise suprise, the fitness company never did contact us. Livingsocial then sent an email saying there was nothing they could do and they would not refund our money! On an earlier deal they also tried to swindle me out of my free referal voucher. hI think Livingscoail purposely have long voucher dates so the customers cannot use the chargeback facility to get their money back. It is in the interets of Livingsocial that the company for the voucher deal goes out of business. Steer cleer of these con artists!
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written by: Lakshmi Kelly (2012-06-15)

The Dentist in Town

Please do not worry of you find that you voucher has been redeemed. Just call the them and they will book you. I was worried I called Living Social and they said that some merchants do redeem the vouchers when the deal is over to monitor purchases. I called the Dentist in town and they were very helpful and booked me in. I
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written by: L terry (2012-06-11)


These guys are Dishonourable. I buy lots of deals but will only use Groupon now as they sort out problems quickly and effectively. I've had several issues with Living Social NEVER AGAIN. FIVE STARS FOR GROUPON. NONE FOR THE CROOKS
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written by: Kathy (2012-06-06)

Treated appallingly

I paid £119 for a murder mystery weekend for two. Phoned up to be told that of the 11 nights advertised, only one was still available, on a date I couldn't attend. I should point out that at this point there was still over 2 months of availability left on the deal. I contacted Livingsocial, who assured me they would sort it. I contacted them several more times over the next couple of months and was ignored. Finally I was told that as I had been offered a date they would not refund my money. Had I been told this at the start, I could've at least offered the voucher for the one available date to a friend. Appalling customer service.
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written by: Elizabeth Richmond (2012-06-06)

Money down the drain

I purchased a salon facial and massage, advertised as available at weekends and evenings. The owner went out of business. She offered me a couple of very inconveniently timed appointments at her home (not the salon experience I paid for plus it meant a 40 mile round trip). I would have accepted this rather than lose my money however I work full time and could not make the times, she was not prepared to offer a weekend or evening. Living Social didn't want to know so I lost my money. I have heard of other people's experiences with this organisation. None of them good. Some of the offers sound very tempting but nothing on earth would persuade me to deal with this organisation again. Surely the businesses offering these deals are dying on their feet and these are desperate attempts to take a last breath. Living Social are just cashing in on that. Recipe for disaster!
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written by: julie wegehaupt (2012-06-01)

carpet cleaning

tired to book this voucher before the expire date and kept going staight to vistiprint. emailec rang and no one has returned emails total rip off, reprted to credit card which will start a dispute
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written by: j (2012-05-29)

LivingSocial = ecommerce thieves

I purchased a voucher from Living Social for zumba at a local sports academy. The academy later cancelled the class that I was going to attend. Living Social have declined to refund this or issue a credit, stating that they have no obligations apart from if the business closes. The terms and conditions of the voucher did not state that classes could be cancelled. They stated: "Classes are regularly added so refer to website for further information." I would not have purchased this if I would have known that the one class I could attend would be cancelled. I have contacted Living Social three times but they have not resolved it. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in America, where they are based, and will take it up with Trading Standards Authority over here. It's amazing how Living Social's 'consumer advocates', as they are called, enjoy acting like lawyers who can interpret vague Ts and Cs. (That's quite interesting, considering they miss words either when copying and pasting or typing.) In no way do they advocate for the consumer. I will take LivingSocial to court if they don't resolve this amicably, because clearly they are nothing more than travelling salesmen selling empty promises. They assume no responsibility for their own brand or their customers' loyalty. Can't believe Amazon own 1/3rd of the company. Amazon Customer Service would never stand for it or Amazon wouldn't exist.
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written by: Jackie (2012-05-29)

Living Social

I bought a restaurant voucher, and the Fine Print did not mention that it could not be used on a Friday or Saturday. But when we got to the restaurant this is what they were said. The restaurant blamed Living Social, and Living Social will not refund the voucher!
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written by: Helena Dillon (2012-05-17)


I had the exact same problem with the Staffordshire Furniture Company. 7 weeks later no mattress still and continuous excuses from Staffordshire. Have emailed Living Social twice with no reply. Have now sent a letter to them demanding a refund and have also contacted Citizens Advice who said that if the goods have not been delivered within 30 days you are entitled to a refund...
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written by: Daisy Belle (2012-05-12)

Living Social scam

I bought a voucher for a mattress from Living Social. Mattress was to have been supplied by The Staffordshire Furniture Shop. Six weeks later, I have had no replies to my emails asking when it will be delivered, and Living Social helpline people keep saying they will phone me back and never do.
I am now contacting the Trading Standards Authority.
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written by: phillipa (2012-05-08)

Be wary

Not a good company, they take 'no' responsibility for the companies they represent! their answer to this is 'you signed the terms and conditions' and start quoting some 2.1.3mii subsection 1257465!!!!
they don't call you back when they said they will nightmere! proceed with caution - you've been warned
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written by: nathalie (2012-04-30)

voucher for Barefoot Flight experience

The merchant and Livingsocial keep throwing the ball to each other and guess what, I still have not been able to use my voucher.
It is impossible to book dates with the merchant and livingsocial is refusing to refund so have a guess who is losing in this story again. This has been going on since December 2011 and still not solved...
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written by: Paul (2012-04-29)

unable to obtain refund for voucher

I bought a voucher through Living social for discounted window cleaning. When I contacted the company (WCS) to use the voucher they told me that there catchment area didn't include our town: Twickenham, When I pointed out to them that their website clearly indicated that our area was included in their domestic catchment area they told me that information displayed was incorrect and hadn't been updated for 2 years because they hadn't had the time to do so. !!!

I then emailed livingsocial (who promise refund within 7 days) to explain the situation asking them to refund the money I'd paid.. Their website promises a "prompt reply" to any queries and yet after sending them 3 emails and waiting 4 days I've had no response from won't be using their company again and would advise against anyone else making the same mistake.
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written by: Wayne (2012-04-27)

Don't Do It

I kept getting inundated with deals which in some cases are too good to be true. Avoid at all costs and don't get sucked in to their referral scheme...which is all it really is
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written by: Alice Leashkevich (2012-04-24)

Worst Experience ever

They sold me a voucher and I couldn't contact a company on the details provided for over three months. They refuse to take any responsibility basically saying it's not their problem. Does somebody knows who I can compain about them?
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written by: carol selva (2012-04-16)

Living social.

I bought a voucher for childrens books and when I printed it off it doesn't say where you get them from.
I'm still waiting several emails later for a reply. After reading all these complaints I doubt I will get any response from Living social.
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written by: Tara (2012-04-13)

Living Social Scam - DON'T buy into it

Basically an absolute nightmare. Unless you read the small print & double/triple check everything & are absolutely 100% sure you can meet their criteria don't do it. My friend bought me a 60 min flying experience which she got in October, but she didn't realise she had to complete & return the booking form within 28 days to "activate" or "validate" it. She is seriously ill, didn't do that & not only do Living Social not want to know, the company called "Barefootdays" aren't interested either. I will have to pay to "upgrade" my voucher. Rules are rules but a bit of compassion/common sense would be nice. Only giving them 1 star because you can't actually give them no stars!
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written by: Debbie Thomas (2012-03-06)

Tersus Cleaning Serivces

Very disapointed. On Monday 20th Feb, via Living Social, I book a carpet cleaner to come and clean my living room carpet for Saturday 25th Feb, just in time for my partners birthday celebrations on Monday. The deal was £17, and I paid a further £15 to Tersus to come on a Saturday. Not only did they not arrive at 12 noon as booked, they didn't call either. I rang their 0800 number, I rang their weekend 'emergency' line, no answer, I emailed via their website, no answer. On Monday afternoon I received a call (answer phone message) from them flippantly explaining that the cleaner wasn't given the correct address and no telephone number so he couldn't contact me to let me know he wasn't coming? No apologie was given but they did say they would refund me. HOWEVER, later that week, Thursday I noticed no refund had hit the account. I called them and I got no answer again, so I emailed, called bla bla bla... eventually I get through to be told that infact they would only refund me the £15 I paid for the Saturday cleaner and that the original £17 I paid via Living Social would not be granted, I would have to see Living Social for that. Of course, I then email LS to be told that they wouldn't be refunding me because it had gone past the 7 days refund grace period. How was I to know that Tersus would not refund me, I couldn't get hold of them in 7 days to even try to come to some arrangement. I am now told that Tersus will not even transfer the service to another time and that I'll just have to deal with it! Living Social basically told me that they will not refund me and that they are closing the case!! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE TWO BUSINESSES! How can I be the person who loses out here?? I'm just the Customer right?
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written by: Margaret Byrne (2012-02-26)

Manicure and Pedicure

I recently purchased 2 vouchers from living social for manicures and pedicures. I paid €25 for each voucher and the value was supposed to be €50 each. One of my daughters used her voucher but was very unhappy with the service and also the cleanliness of the salon. When my other daughter went to the salon she decided against having her treatment because the salon was unhygienic. She informed the owner that she didn't want any treatment and the owner offered her a refund of €12 (which is what she said she received from Living Social). As I had paid €25 for the voucher my daughter refused her offer. I emailed Living Social for a refund but they have refused to give me any money. They said that our contract is not with them but with the Merchant (salon). I sought advice from The Consumer Rights Association who have told me that Living Social are responsible but how do I get my money back from them? I have decided at this stage to take a refund from the salon for the lesser amount because it would take too much time, effort and hassle to pursue the balance.
I have been buying online from Groupon and Living Social for quite some time but will certainly not buy anything again from Living Social.
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written by: thorpe (2011-11-30)

winter wonderland

1/had to pay £17 to park on website it says it was free
2/was told there was a train guess what there wasnt
3/was told there was a 4d cinema guess what there wasnt
4/was told we had to be there for between 11 and 1 we got there for 11and was told we couldnt get in till 4 have you tried telling 5 kids they have to wait around to see santa for5 hours
5/was told babies could go so took baby and older brother guess what baby was not allowed in to see santa with her brother so friend had to take my son in , what should have been a magical experience for him was ruined by jobsworths.
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written by: Stacy (2011-11-25)

One day hair and make up course

I bought a voucher which was a nitemare for a day course of hair and make up the company said the course would be in one location and that they would provide equipment/goody bags includin mac make up and the company said they would email to confirm everything at least a week before I heard nothing until 3 days before and the told me a different location and that I needed to take my own equipment I emailed the company to complain and heard nothing back so contacted livingsocial direct they said they would give me a £5 voucher for there site!! So I lost alot of money! I will never use them again as the obviously don't vet there merchants very well and the customer care and after care is terrible!! Groupon did the same deal and my friend had the same issues as me and groupon were fab about it and gave them a full refund!! I will NEVER use living social again!!
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written by: Lesley Robertson (2011-11-13)

The Hole in The Wall, Bath. Neevr go there


We booked to go for a meal with you at The Hole In the Wall in Bath. I purchased 2 vouchers for 2 people each for a taster menu which should have been £75 per head.
It is quite disconcerting to turn up to a restaurant offering a £75 taster menu when all the boards outside offer 3 course meals for £10!!

We were not offered drinks on arrival and sat at the table for at least half an hour before we managed to catch the eye of one of the hopeless members of staff. The drinks took 20 mins to come, in fact one of the other diners went to the wine cellar himself to collect a bottle and fortunately had his own corkscrew so did not have to wait like the rest of us.

We had phoned ahead to state that 2 of our party were allergic to shell-fish (on the web site it states that the fish course would be mussels). We also confirmed this on arrival, and at the table. We were advised that a replacement dish of risotto balls would be served to all 4 of us. After a long wait the parfait starter was served. Whilst very small and nothing special, it was acceptable, although when the table was eventually cleared the waiter dropped my cutlery in my lap. We then waited for over an hour for our risotto balls, except that when they turned up we were given one portion of risotto balls, and 2 portions of scallops. The risotto balls turned out to be one ball, and the scallops had been cut in half. We decided to accept what we were offered as we were starving by this time, and asked for the missing risotto. This turned up 20 mins later.

We had to stop a waiter to ask for a second drink, and he screeched very loudly "Are you saying you want free drinks?"! At no point had we mentioned this and I said no, I was quite prepared to pay for them. At which point he said that most people demand free drinks when the sevice is so bad! This appears to be a common occurrence. He couldn't find a clean glass to put my drink in, so I had to volunteer to keep the old one just to get a drink.

By 10pm we still had not had a main course, and asked for some food. We were given confit duck leg on smoked mashed potato. Sounds nice, however, the reality was a pile of lumpy, unseaoned, gray sludge with the driest duck you could imagine on top. This was inedible. I could not cut through mine, and decided that enough was enough!

We walked out, advising then that this was quite clear[y the worst meal we had never been served.

The staff were very young and inexperienced and tried to avoid customers by resolutely staring at the floor rather than make eye contact. There was no management that we could see and no organisation.

I have never complained about a meal before, and have always been very pleased with other places we have visited from the Living Social web site. The other customers all felt the same, as we were laughing about how atrocious the place was.

They kept our vouchers. If I had not paid you up front, I would have refused to pay for anything other than the starter, however, obviously we were unable to do this.

I have asked for a refund of my payment, and for this restaurant to be removed from the listing,

As for the deal being worth £75 per head, I wouldn't give you £7.50 for it.

I have given this one star only because no stars is not an option.
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written by: amanda (2011-11-11)

Not Hypnosis.

I purchased a deal for No Waiting Clinical Hypnotherapy. Which on appointment I discovered no hypnosis whatsoever takes place. I raised this with living social as it was clear no one had actually checked it out beforehand, and I had in my opinion been defrauded. Living Social were not interested, they will promote fresh air if they could charge for it. A company of con artists. However whenI have had a problem with a more local company they apologised and offered a refund in full immediately. They were professional. I will be contacting Watchdog.
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written by: Paul from Staffordshire (2011-11-09)

Restaurant deal Blue Chile RIP OFF!!

I booked 2 dinners at the Blue Chile Restaurant in Newcastle, when I tried to use the voucher, they said they were not dealing with Living Social and I should have had a refund. I have attempted to do this by email but have not had a reply. £38 out of pocket and little chance of getting it back. Do not fall for these attractive bargain type offers, they rarely work out.
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written by: C Baker (2011-10-24)


Beware. They do not check the legitimacy of the companies or deals that are featured!

I ordered a teeth-whiting kit, still no product or response to emails.

Alarmingly the company had only been trading for 1 week before emailed the offer.

Not happy!
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written by: Andrew Ward (2011-10-19)

Chez Patrick

Had an AMAZING experience. Incredible restaurant in a hidden spot in Kensington. Two mains, two starters, two glasses of wine for £34. The steaks alone on that menu were £20 so the saving was immense. Furthermore, we ordered more wine and the restaurant didn't charge any extra.

People need to remember that the intentions from Living Social is always good. They obviously don't want their deals to be a disaster. A lot of the responsibility lies with the Business to deliver their end of the deal. People need to make sure that they google the business first. Unfair to slam Living Social for trying to help small businesses grow and give the general public incredible discounts.
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written by: Mims (2011-10-18)

No service no refund

I bought a sports massage from a chiropractic clinic in Chiswick. They did not return my calls or emails for an appointment and so I applied to LivingSocial for a refund two weeks ago. Have still heard nothing from them. Also, bought a haircut in Central London and it was the worst I ever had -I had to go somewhere else to get it fixed. Avoid like the plague!
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written by: Claudia (2011-10-17)

Wireless bras

I purchased 3 wireless bras from Living Social in Australia, I tried to redeem the voucher by going to a website then to be told 'sorry,our bad' and then got the runaround on my computer,given useless links and no response to my email or call to their help line. I only spent $35.00 but will never but from them again.
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written by: Bakey (2011-10-14)

LivingSocial - good experiences

I have had many purchases from LS and have never had a bad one. Re the teeth whitening deal (ritesmile), the voucher says to email with your address. I will keep using Living Social.
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written by: Pam (2011-10-13)

living social

Mixed experiences with this site - but if you have a problem with them then phone your bank and explain what has happened, they request all details in writing and then do a 'chargeback' - getting the money back from living social and putting it back in your account.
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written by: Nihal (2011-10-03)

LivingSocial Abdicates responsibility for Goods and Services ....

......... provided by it's Merchants / Agents. Please see clause 7 within their 'Terms & Conditions'. Perhaps, we should ask the UK's Advertising Standards Authority and / or BBC's Watchdog Team to investigate and give their findings the widest possible coverage? I have done so and hopefully protected some potential customers!!
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written by: Li W. (2011-09-29)

Afternoon Tea for Two at Vinea Wine Bar (Liverpool)

This experience was an absolute disgrace. The deal was advertised as such that a guest and I could enjoy a cream tea for two with "a selection of sandwiches and cakes, two homemade scones served with clotted cream and preserves, tea or coffee, and a glass of bubbly each." This deal was purchased for a total of £9, which is not to be sniffed at given the reality of the 'afternoon tea'.

The 'selection of sandwiches' amounted to chewy slices of baguette with very ordinary cheese, some ham and Branston pickle. Not exactly what I had in mind for elegant afternoon tea. The 'selection of cakes' was equally dire - two tiny slices of carrot cake and bite-sized muffins that might as well have come from Tesco. The tiny 'home-made scones' were clearly also shop-bought and served without the clotted cream outlined in the description. Instead, we were given small containers of butter and jam but oddly no knife with which to spread them (we had to ask for one, as did some other customers). Perhaps we were such an afterthought that it would have been fine to let us spread our scones with our fingers.

Unfortunately I purchased two vouchers with the intent to bring another guest out with me to tea. I'm seriously considering just giving the voucher to someone else - the whole thing was that dire.
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written by: shona (2011-09-20)

The Pin Up Studio scam

To add to the other 3 comments here I also was scammed by The Pin Up Studio. I had difficultly setting up an appointment and they cancelled on one occasion. When I went for the appointment I found the lady running it and the photographer very welcome and friendly. I was a bit nervous but they put me at ease. At the end of the session they said that they would send me the photos in a week. Two months later I have not received the pictures. When I call their phone number it says that the phone box is full and no one has replied to my email. I have also emailed Living Social but haven't had a reply yet (I have been waiting for 2 weeks).

The scam doesnt make much sense to me as they are going to the trouble of hiring a studio and taking their time to take (or pretend to take) the photos. Printing of a few pictures doesnt cost much.

I will not using Living Social again!
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written by: Ann Fielding (2011-09-13)

Kayak Experience gone wrong

I bought a 2hr family kayak experience on one of the living social deals at £15, upon buying the voucher then said that it was for one person only, the deal had ran out by the time I saw this. This is then therefore not a family experience as wrongly advertised but a one person experience. I wanted a refund due to the fact that it was only for one person and emailed to complain in July and again in September and I have still not heard back from them. I just want a refund for their false advertising. I am not going to use them ever again. Groupon are much better even if they do take their time to reply but eventually they do reply!
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written by: carol gray (2011-09-12)

voucher for Basil Restaurant

Cannot get this voucher to download - tried to do it from another pc but it is telling me that I don't have any vouchers to claim - I do have details of my paid voucher. Trying to find a telephone number to make contact - no success as yet.
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written by: BROOKE SHAW (2011-09-07)


rite smile voucher purchased from Living Social telephone number supplied to redeem the voucher is never answered SCAM SCAM CON CON
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written by: Denny (2011-09-01)


I have purchased a deal from living social to get a canvas print. The deal was supplied by 'photo artwarehouse. I purchased this sometime back (dont remember- i think it was sometime in april or may). I tred uplaoding the photo into their website but it was not uploading . I contacted them and they asked me to send it to their email id. I dint this- but not response. I contacted them many times- everytime they asked me to send to different emails ids. And then I contacted living social. They also dragged my issue for longtime. no result yet. Now it is been 1.5 month since I am chasing up with these people- I have not got my print yet. lessons learnt- PLEASE DONT EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM LIVING SOCIAL OR FROM PHOTOARTWAREHOUSE. I dont want put even a single STAR for this service- but this is not allowing me to submit without a STAR. So I am giving 1 STAR.
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written by: Oh dear (2011-09-01)

The Pin Up Studio

So, I was sent over a deal for a photo shoot at The Pin Up Studio in Central London by a Friend. £35 didn't seem at all like a bad price. I checked out their website.. all looked amazing and I couldn't find any negativity online that would suggest that this was a scam studio (sooo many of those in London) so I went ahead an paid my money.

Once I'd received my voucher I emailed The Pin Up Studio to book an appt, they replied STRAIGHT AWAY, seemed really helpful and friendly. I was a happy bunny. Unfortunately, I then had to cancel. I emailed them... no reply.... I called them... no one answered, so I left a message. A day later I got an email saying that it was absolutely fine to re-schedule and we set a date for this weekend. Once again, life gets in the way and I figured I would have to re-schedule.. giving that the cancellation policy is 48 hours I knew that wouldn't be a problem. I emailed them...... got nothing back, so I then tried calling them, only to find that the number I once used to contact them on is no longer in use. I checked out their website again and the contact number has been removed so I then emailed BOTH email addresses to no avail....

Because of my other commitments it's not like I can even go and check this place out on the day of my appt and doesn't look like anyone is going to get back to me about re-arranging so I need to say farewell to my £35. It might not be alot but it's £35 less than I had... for what??? I am absolutely disgusted at Living Social for not doing their research when they get into deals with these companies but I guess as long as each side makes money then it doesn't matter right?

If anyone has had any good experiences with this studio please do say.
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written by: linda (2011-08-26)

cruckley animal farm

i am trying to get a refund for a voucher which i can no longer use due to the farm closing down.i have emailed 3 times with no response.this is really bad customer service.
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written by: Dee (2011-08-25)

Pinup Studio

I am sure this is also a scam. I got the deal from livingsocial 3 months ago. Firstly after waiting months for an appt there was no makeover, I had to pay an extra 55 quid via google checkout to get my hair and makeup done. The glass of champagne was also miniature. The set up was a tiny very unprofessional room in a building of flats.
Their phone number never worked but managed to get through via email. After the first cancellation the night before the shoot (an email at 9pm???) I finally went in and had my mesely photo shoot. That was 6 weeks ago and I was told I would receive the photos in one week. There is no way to contact them except via email and I never get a response. Loss of 90 quid to me. Funnily enough the voucher was claimed at used the same night I used it, no waste of time there!
I had a similar problem with another living social deal re: waxing. I waited months to get in for an appt but thats quite normal as they only allocate certain time to deal users. The place was closed when I got there for my appt (Gold Star Hair and Beauty) and they never returned my calls or emails. From what I read on qype their reviews from the same deals used over the past few weeks were horrendous!!! THANK GOD I DIDNT GO!

....and I did get my money back from LS so I will be trying to at least get some of my money back but wont be using livingsocial ever again!
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written by: B.Ware (2011-08-22)

WINELIVE!! from LivingSocial

WINELIVE Evening from LivingSocial is a SCAM. Do Not Fall for it. We did, and travelled to London only to find the venue knew nothing about it, but had also had 35 people turn up a fortnight before (booked through Travel Zoo) for the same con. Our money has been returned from LivingSocial but they should have contacted us beforehand and done more to remove the scam from their website as looking at reviews here it has been clearly going on for sometime.
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written by: Laura Davis (2011-08-18)


I bought two vouchers from Living Social and was very disappointed with both!!!

The first one offered twenty Zumba classes in Toronto... I went on line in July to purchase and was told the first available class was not until September and once you go to your first session you have two months to complete your twenty classes.... in other words YOU HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF and good luck to you trying to book. I sent an email to them telling them that this is ridiculous booking for an exercise class two months from now. They sent me a snotty email back saying I had only paid $29 so I just had to wait in line!!!! I said if they were trying to get me as a customer they were doing a very poor job. The was Izzy Fitness in Toronto.

The second was for beauty services in Yorkville at Le Main Door and ironically they were right next to each other. The stated I was receiving $200 worth of services which I truly did not believe after I had services done. I rushed from work to be at a noon appt and was telephoned to say that my person would be thirty minutes late and the call came right at noon!!! I was also told after my appt that I would be charged $20 for taxes which should be stated upfront not after the services and it is $20 on an inflated charge of $200??? I have bought several Groupon coupons and never have paid taxes on top of my purchases!!

I will never buy Living Social ever again!!!
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written by: Angie Corcoran (2011-08-16)

Living Social

I purchased a Brazilian Keratin Treatment from them and was asked for a further £62 for shampoos and conditioners plus an extra £12 this is absolutely disgusting I have e-mailed for a refund 5 - 6 times now and still only have an automated receipt and no response. There is no phone number to contact them on and I am awaiting the refund. They are absolute rubbish. Groupon are fantastic but this is a farce website.
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written by: Valerie Walwyn (2011-08-13)

Terrible Experieince

I purchased a deal for 30 minute dermologica facial and 45 min full body massage at The Wright Way, Birmingham. It was a treat after a really stressful time at work. When I arrived I was told there wasa mistake in offer and there would be no facial. The body massage room was digustingly dirty and the shower area was covered in dirt and greese. I couldnt wait to get out of there and get home for a shower. I will not be purchasing a deal again as I felt I was totally ripped off... I would give it 0 rating if they allowed as they dont warrant the one star
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written by: Tina (2011-08-11)

unbelieverable among of unsatisfied customers!!!

I was just thinking about to purchase a deal from living social, but after I have done my research, I have changed my mind completely, the among of complains it's so high!!! not just UK alone, also America too, someone even wrote a report article...

Why don't you guys report to consumer watch dog something, you might get your money back, stop others to fall into the trap also to stop this scam activities!!!
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written by: Maria (2011-08-05)

Winelive, pinup studio, livingsocial

I had the same experience with Winelive as Quinn (review below, 24/06) on the 8th of July. The night before they send the e-mail saying the event was cancelled. The same with the second deal from Livingsocial - Pinup studio in London. The phone number provided by Livingsocial was wrong. The cancellation came the night before. Seems like a pattern. Is there ay legal way to stop his? Clearly will not recommend Livingsocial to anyone.
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written by: clare (2011-07-29)

Crazy bear

I just want o say that i had a really positive experience with living social and the crazy bear voucher. deal was as advertised and we had a great stay - always read the fine print to fin dout when voucher expires and any clauses with this. i have three other vouchres pending but havent booked yet
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written by: Mike (2011-07-25)

My experience as a supplier/partner

Hi, I'd like to add my little bit to this - I was a phoned by Living Social to be a "partner", I am a male holistic therapist and I work from home, all of which is clear from my website.

The telesales person gave me all of the details (all of which I understand having done a Groupon campaign) and then said "Oh, we may not be able to work with you as you work from home" ok no problem. She phoned back and said it was ok after all.

A couple of days later I got a call say "no we won't after all work with you working from home but maybe you could go and work in a beauty salon"!

Groupon actually sent a sales person to visit and check me out - Living Social rely on telesales and have no real idea what they are dealing with.
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written by: a (2011-07-18)

theater royal

I bought a living social for tickets for this theater
It seems you have togo there in person to book seats- then come back on the date.. seems very cumbersome to me- no telephone booking possib;le
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written by: yvonne (2011-07-04)

no replies to e-mail or irish telephone number

I have bought living social deals and lately hav not been able to speak with anyone or get a decent reply from numerous e-mails I send. I get an automated reply when I e-mail immediately from the US to say a customer agent will call me and no one does. I have never had this problem with Groupon in Spain who answer their correspondence and when refunding your monies they do it instantaneously. I would like to know if anyone else in Ireland has this problem? Thank you
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written by: Quinn (2011-06-24)


Bought 4 wine live coupons from living social and got to the place on the date we were going only to find out it was a giant scam. The guy at the bar had lost money too as he had paid the organizer for the event but he never showed. Don't buy from Living Social...they are no good!
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written by: Natalie (2011-05-16)

London Laser Clinic - SCAM

I am so angry reading these posts - i have had the exact same thing happen to me, purchased voucher from Living social for £97 and paid directly to the company £50 for an extended area. Living social have refunded the £97 but there is no way of getting the £50 back, does anyone have any ideas?!
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written by: Catherine (2011-04-12)


I booked a deal with Living Social for cupcakes. The voucher number does not work on website for cupcakes. I have tried to contact Living Social via email and telephone. I have had no response to my emails or answering machine messages. I will not use living social again. I am so glad that it was just a little amount but I am still so mad :(!!!! It should be 0 out of 5!
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written by: Alicja (2011-03-08)

London Laser Clinic SCAM!!!

I received cheque from LivingSocial but nothing from London Laser Clinic, as you all said they give number to John Scott who does not answer the phone. They still owe me £50 THIEVES!
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written by: Natalija (2011-02-24)

Terrible Experiences

Bought several vouchers and all disappointing experiences but one.
The first nightmare started when we purchased a deal and never got our voucher. Took a little over a week to prove to Living Social that they didn't send it. They were insisting they did. Finally when we got the voucher, the restaurant we went to, would not allow to spend the allowance the way we wanted to and limited us to strictly certain amount for food, which was way too much and very limited amount for the drinks. We ended up not spending the food allowance, had almost £10 left and spending extra on drinks.

Second deal was 'meal for two' which turned out to be a meal for one in fact as they only brought us one main course to share between the two of us. This obviously wasn't mentioned anywhere on the voucher!A meal for two at the very least implies 2 dishes.

Third experience was by far the worst. Having paid for it on a Sunday night, I phoned the restaurant on Thursday to make the booking. I was told that voucher bookings cannot be made before 3pm and was asked to call back.At 3 pm I phoned again and was told that Living Social didn't send through the codes for vouchers purchased and I have to phone back in another hour and a half. When I phoned an hour and twenty minutes later, the restaurant was apparently already fully booked!!!I think they simply were determined to only book tables for customers paying in full, which is outrageous.
I immediately decided to cancel the voucher as I had no desire to go to the place after such a bad experience. Living Social customer service number kept going straight through to voice mail and I had not been able to speak to anybody.
I finally had to send an email and who knows how long it will take for them to respond!

We did have a lovely meal at a brasserie with one of our vouchers, no fuss, just straightforward meal for two and 2 glasses of wine. That was a rather special evening as the place was lovely and food/wine very good.

The rest of the experiences with Living Social definitely proves they are not to be trusted.
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written by: Kat (2011-02-22)

HarleyFit & LondonLaser

I got £97 refund from LivingSocial, but not the £50 I paid to London Laser. They provided me with further contact numbers, which don't ring, and if they do, they go to voicemail, where they advise you that no one will listen to your messages.
As for Harley Fit, I got a reminder from Living Social that the deal is due to expire 23 March. I called them to see if it will be invalid despite "clinic's" earliest appointments were in April. They advised to call HarleyFit & find out if they will still accept it, otherwise LivingSocial will refund. I've called the scammers, phone line is not in service, I've submitted the online form just for the tick, and tomorrow will request a refund.

So overall, I am quite satisfied with Living Social here, they have tried to help, but they do not check their deals, you can buy any old pile of crap of them decorated with a fancy name.

I can't believe these companies are leading so many people on, giving us all different excuses... I definately would like to take it further, Alicja, it's my money after all, I know better ways to spend it.
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written by: sayna (2011-02-18)

London laser clinik aka tarahealthandbeauty!!!!

 Initial purchase of laser hair removal with London Laser Clinics via
 Further telephone payment made for extended treatment
 To date no treatment provided
 Unable to obtain refund
20/08/10 - email offer re 6 laser hair removal sessions for £49 at London Laser Clinic, Ebury Road, London SW1 0LU
21/08/10 Email sent to enquire (via advert) regarding treatment to

21/08/10 Email reply received from - confirming offer covered regular bikini line and extended bikini line would be an additional £50 in London office
23/08/10 Purchased offer voucher via, £49 paid by debit card

31/08/10 Telephoned number on (number now not working) - spoke to 'Wendy' for an extended period, provided debit card details for further treatments. Payment taken of £275 - bank reference @1415hrs, reference 35314369001(Paypal's telephone number...)
Between 31/08/10 - 22/12/10 Made numerous phone calls to book appointments - spoke to 'Wendy'
23/12/10 Called to confirm first appointment for 03/01/11 - Wendy stated this appointment would unable to be kept as they had issues relating to a Fire Regulation Certificate. Wendy stated I should be able to have an appointment in February 2011
approx 23/01/11 Spoke to Wendy who stated was still unable to make an appointment - Wendy stated they were also looking at alternative premises
approx 01/02/11 Spoke to Wendy who provided an Irish telephone number and stated they were dealing with it
approx 01/02/11 Irish telephone number no longer in service
08/02/11 Sent email to - asked when I could make an appointment

08/02/11 Email response received from - stating they do not deal with any London clinic
08/02/11 Sent email to - with details of payment made

08/02/11 Sent email to - requesting appointment asap

08/02/11 Email response received from with an alternative email address provided and contact name: John Scott,

08/02/11 Further email response received from stating that “This site may have been connected to london laser clinic indirectly at one point. But if you see on the site it states “under new management“ there is no suggestion of any london clinic.

Contact or and I'm sure shinead or john will get back to you. Ill forward your email to them but other than that I can't help you further.
We purchased the site for traffic purposes not to get hassle from somebody who didn't even purchase from tara health and beauty.
From what I'm told they have always been 2 separate companies which makes sense as surely they would have just had one site”
08/02/11 Sent email to, info@london, No response received
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written by: linda (2011-02-12)

Harley Fit

It must be a scam, I am unable to get reply by email or phone. I have requested my money back from groupon.
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written by: Sophie (2011-02-08)

IPL londonlaserclinic Ebury Street

Same problem. Had first treatment mid-November but nothing since. Spoke to a woman at Manchester clinic who told me it would be reopening the last week of January and to e-mail a guy called John there who was the new manager. Never heard anything back. Have tried again through their website, and just e-mailed the Manchester clinic again. May try calling there again soon. Really just want my money back.
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written by: Alicja (2011-02-07)

IPL in Ebury Road

Hi, how do you reckon we should take it further, because I am really mad!
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written by: Helen (2011-02-05)

Harleyfit scam scam scam

ALL Rubbish.
I bought a groupon voucher in October, great , laser treatment for hair removal for a price i could not believe,
i manage to book an appointment in november , then i got a call to say something is wrong with the machine , ok what can i do , i asked for another date to come in, I got my date in december, i then got another call, the therapist was ill, ok what can i do was little upset , so i rescheduled for January , January has come and i went to the clinic, guess what !!!!!!!!!!!!!! they no longer there, spoke to a lady and at 61 Harley street that said they NEVER DONE laser hair removal at Harley fit that she knew of. I cant get my mony back from groupon,and i cant get my money back from paypal,,and i cant get incontact with anyone at harleyfit,....that dont exist.....SCAMERS SCAMERS

MY Update...
they moved to 7 Sackville street Piccadilly in a hairdresser, were the receptionist said they dont do EPL laser only colonic treament,

I want everyone to know about Harleyfit SCAM, They do have one treatment room too many clients and do not actually have a machine or a therapist for EPL or any other treatmeant they offer , I dont want my money back they can keep it seems they will need it very soon.
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written by: Daria (2011-02-04)

London Laser Clinic scam

I also purchased the above deal through Living Social Deals, plus I paid for the Brazilian too! I tried to contact them multiple times with no success. They now promise a refund, I wonder if it happens!
If they don't refund the whole amount, is there anyone else interested in taking the matter further?
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written by: Alicja (2011-01-27)

London Laser Clinic SCAM!!!

Kat, I have also bought voucher for London Laser Clinic and was stupid enough to pay additional £50 for so called Brazilian.
Please let me know if you've managed to get refund in full, as I sent many e-mails to Living Social Deals and did not have any reply.
Sorry I had one, telling me that someone is dealing with my query 3 weeks ago, and was told that they will contact me in two days (still haven't heard from them).
This is ridiculous, that was my first and last purchase from Living Social Deals, and I wish that people will think twice, before they buy anything from them.
Horrible to deal with!
If there are more people who bought this deal, please send complains, maybe they will treat us different.

Good Luck!
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written by: Kat (2011-01-27)


This is no actually scary, do you think I get still get a refund? My appointments are booked, but do I want it? It is not at Harley Street, it is well, well dodgy, are they even qualified medical practicioners? I don't wanna end up with infections...

Even worse, my laser deal has since gone bust as well - London Laser Clinics in Ebury Road are not re-opening, but no one bothered to tell me & their phone line doesn't ring past the voicemessage. I called LivingSocial & left a voicemail (you can't speak to someone, it has to be a message, but they called me the same day & processed a refund (yet to verify the receipt). Problem is, I was stupid enough to pay additional £50 to the clinic in advance for Hollywood! (I was expecting little sneaky charges at that price). Now phones don't ring, emails not answered, and LivingSocial not responsible. That's just great!

Not sure what to do.
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written by: Monica (2011-01-25)

Harley fit

I've experienced the same thing and my advice would be to call up Groupon and ask for a refund. I did and they didn't even question me since they've had so many complaints. Thankfully, not all the deals on Groupon are dodgy like this one so don't let this put you off completely.
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written by: i hate harley fit and groupon (2011-01-16)

scam scam scam

hey guys, i had the exact same problem too with harley fit clinic, but for a voucher for £300 bought via groupon - and getting no where with a refund. there is a little note on the door now from the actual doctors at 61 harley st asking people looking for harley fit not to ring the bell. because they gave me an appointment for 2 months after i bought the voucher, 45 days had lapsed before i realised they were a scam i cant claim back via paypal :( groupon could have emailed everyone who bought the voucher the moment they found out it was a scam, but they've just let us all have an awful time wasting phone bills trying to phone the 08445 number for harley fit and put us through unnecessary stress. its not on. please get on their facebook page, and every other review page and let as many people know as possible that this is how your treated!
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written by: Nur Tucker (2011-01-12)

Harley Fit Clinic disaster experience

I bought a voucher for colonic hydrotherapy at The Harley Fit Clinic from GROUPON and this has been a huge disappointment. This is a very dodgy entity. May not even be a legal company.

It lures customers with fancy photos bought from internet and a name which includes ‘Harley’ in it.
Since December, I have been trying to get hold of them with no avail. Initially the phone number we were given proved to be there just for a greeting message where you can not even leave a voice mail. The greeting suggests to fill a form on internet, where I was forced to buy more vouchers (luckily I did not). They claim that they will get back to me in 48 hours. They never did. Then the phone stopped even working, saying this is not a valid number. Finally after a month of trying and filling the internet forms twice, I went all the way down to 61 Harley Street to be able to talk to someone at Harley Fit Clinic. Guess what at 61 Harley Street there is not even a sign saying Harley Fit Clinic. I rang the door anyways and some building receptionist answered the phone. When I explained the situation she called someone. After 5 minutes a miserable looking girl came down ( I guess there is not even a clinic upstairs) and told me that they do not do colonic here at this address. She does not know where it is done and a lot of people are complaining about the same thing. She told me to keep trying and there is nothing she can do.

The company is not at the address they claim to be, and the phone number which is advertised on their website does not exist. So do I want to be treated by these guys medically even if by miracle I manage to get through to someone? These are fraudsters and should be reported and your website is advertising them. I sent an email too Groupon saying i wouyld like a refund and awaiting a response now..
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written by: Kat (2011-01-04)

HarleyFit and more

I had the same experience as Ashley. Couldn't get through to them for 3 months, filled online form & reminder form, but they only called me when they were ready - in December, and booked me for April & May (spring detox). Very dissappointed to hear that they are not what they portray themselves to be, a bit worried about getting such a delicate treatment in a damp like that, what if their hygiene is as bad as their customer service? Maybe I should get a refund. Had I known it earlier, I would have bought a similar deal in a reputable local clinic, rather than be seduced by "Harley" name.

I wasn't too worried about not being able to get in touch, because by then I had already purchased The Hair Removal Clinic voucher and couldn't get through for ages - they were genuinly so inanudated with callers, they didn't seem to be able to man the phones! But when the issue was sorted, I got very helpful advice and date to suit me. Guess how surprised I was today when I called them to confim my appointment on tomorrow to be told that the clinic is in the process of relocation, and they don't know where they are moving to & when! And it was LivingSocials responsibility to alert me to this in December. What if I had sneaked from work as planned for my treatment to find just the closed doors?

On the positive note, when you purchase less popular deals, it is easy to book, and you get exactly what you paid for. Perhaps this is just teething problems of a company that sometimes bites more than it can chew.
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written by: LivingSocial Customer Care (2010-12-22)


We are sorry to hear of your experience. Our customers are important to us and we strive to offer the best customer care and are always willing to go the extra mile. We endeavour to provide a diverse deal selection and apologise that this deal did not work for you at this time. While we haven't received any customer complaints regarding this deal, we offer a humble apology and ensure you that we will give your feedback consideration in moving forward with the types of deals we offer. For any further assistance please contact LivingSocial 0800 014 8431 or
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written by: Ashley (2010-11-20)


I purchased two hydrotherapy colonics from Living Social and the Harley Fit club in London. They cost me 58 pounds down from 300. A good deal it seems? Well. The catch is that nobody at Harley Fit would answer the phone for nearly THREE months. I sent an online appointment request form which states that somebody would call back in 48 hours, of course nobody did, I complained to Living Social 3 times and they seemed completely uninterested in me and simply offered a refund - thanks but if I wanted a refund I'd just ask for one, I clearly want the colonics. As a company that boasts to value customer service so much I belive Living Social needs to sort it out! After my THIRD complaint, somebody should have looked into this matter further, but yet again I was just shrugged off with some lousy response which was about 5 words long.

So eventually, I though screw this... I'll just turn up at Harley Fit. So I did, and was greeted by a man at the door of a tall multi-business building in Harley Street. I asked if Harley Fit was there, there were no signs or anything to say they were... His response was, "Well, they are, but they are never here! I'll check for you"

Bearing in mind that I was already told on the internet when I made my booking (which hadn't been confirmed as nobody rang back) that I would have to wait 5 months for my colonics I was now thinking, "How the hell are they going to get through all those people, which no doubt are as angry as me, before December?"

The man came back and let me in, somebody was there! I walked though to a shabby little room at the back of the building and was greeted by a completely uninterested blank excuse of a face who basically said there was nothing she could do and that I would now have to wait until APRIL to get the first colonic.

My point is, that if you use Living Social - Don't expect any real help from them if you are stuck, or have a problem with the company you've bought the deal for... coz' they don't care!! And as for the company, just be careful and don't be fooled by online reviews and ravings like I was by Harley Fit club. The place looked amazing and now i've learnt that its just a really fake business. And if I do hang around for the colonics in April, no doubt they'll tell me my voucher has expired and that I can't use it anymore... LOL!

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