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Savvy Mummys. experiences (19)

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written by: Sarah (2014-10-14)


I purchased a NutriBullet from this company through Amazon which they advertised as 'New' No manufacturer or regulatory labels on the product or packaging, no serial number or warranty card. The main unit of the product had been modified. The company exchanged the product with an equally poor quality item which was dented. I do not believe these products were genuine and therefore potentially unsafe & dangerous to use. Please think carefully before considering buying ANY electrical products from SavvyMummys or The Savvy Group.
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written by: Bob Ducker (2014-09-05)

Non arrival of paid for goods

Wish I had checked this site sooner! Paid for goods on 06 August as of 06 September still not arrived, I have emailed them twice and had NO response. No telephone number.....Buyer Beware!!
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written by: Neil Malcolm (2014-05-01)

Response to Claire d

Claire, I called my credit card company (American Express) and explained I had not had the goods. They immediately put the item in dispute with Savvy Mummy's and refunded me my money. I have now received the goods which are completely useless as they have been imported from Spain has a European plug and no English instructions. I have offered to return the product but with no response so I will accept my full refund throw away the product and never use this company again.
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written by: Claire d (2014-04-26)

Not received goods or explanation

I have been waiting for two items both I ordered over 4 weeks ago. Both items been paid for and money taken out and still I am waiting. I have contacted them via email (as this is only form of communication) three times and received nothing back. The item cost over 80.00 . I don't know what to do?
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written by: Neil Malcolm (2014-04-24)

Delivery Delay

I have now been waiting for over 2 months for a product order which was stated would only take 4 weeks to deliver. There is no contact number and they do not return emails. They were very quick to take my money. My partner is waiting for the same product and has also not received it and also cannot get a response from Savvy Mummys. Do not use them.
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written by: Testament (2014-04-10)

Wish I read all the reviews. Not received my order

This is so annoying. It is over 2 months, yet I have not received my parvel from Savvy mummy. If i'd known, I wouldnt have purchased the product. They have taken the money from my account. How do I get my money back?
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written by: Sarah Emsden (2014-04-03)

6 weeks and waiting

THis is the second time that a product I've ordered from Savvy Mummy's has not arrived in the stated time. The first was 3 weeks late and this one is now at least 2 weeks late. Customer service did reply when I contacted them, and they apologised, but said nothing about when I could expect delivery. Very shoddy service. will not be using again.
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written by: IanS (2014-01-30)

Rip Off Savvy Mummys

Ordered a coffee maker - eventually delivered but had a Euorpean plug! Useless! Won't respond to emails and no contact phone number given. Everyone needs to highlight this very dubious company. Avoid at all costs.
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written by: R (2014-01-16)

do not ever use savvy mummies

all I can say is that I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing from savvymummies. totally unreliable and don't care a tiny bit about their customers.comment couldn't be posted without rating, hence the 1 star
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written by: MarkB (2014-01-15)

No Voucher No Item

These fraudsters haven't delivered my package and are not replying to my emails. It's been 2 months!
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written by: Samantha J (2013-10-25)

Awful they do not repsond to emails

Do not use them! They took my money and I never got the voucher. I have been emailing them for months and have never had a response. They are thieves!
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written by: Milla (2013-09-25)

Urban Decay Naked Palette

The product I received was a fake. They sell cheap imitations shipped from China! Very dissapointed with the customer service who completely ignored my e-mails! Avoid!!!
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written by: Christine (2013-08-08)


These are s***. They say on the website that you are supposed to get a good product such as a waist toner belt instead I got a product which was written and from china called a support belt. DO NOT USE THEM as they are selling things with the wrong description.
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written by: Richard Barnes (2013-08-03)

Savvy Mummys Excels

I have used Savvy Mummys to buy lots of stuff for my LO's. I got a Micro Scooter, and even a holiday which saved us loads. On the one occasion that i needed help the Customer Service replied within an hour and sorted it straight out.

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written by: Sarah Williams (2013-05-26)


Ordered a sofa in January was pulled from pillar to post didn't receive it and was fobbed off left right and centre. Got refund five months later and have still not received the £40 delivery charge. Complete joke, frustrating and infuriating....Wouldn't even give one star but had to put something in...
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written by: Dee (2013-03-09)

Less than happy with Savvymummys / Ministry of deals

I have not received items bought through 'Savvymummys' and 'Ministry of deals'.. No answer to emails and seriously out of pocket.
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written by: Star Covington (2013-01-11)

Mini Sledges

I too have had a problem with Savvy Mummy. I purchased my items on 6th December and was told they would be delivered in 14 days. It's the 11th January and still nothing. I've emailed them 3 times and still no reply. I had the same problem once with KGB and stopped using them. I will be doing the same with Savvy Mummy. I dont trust any site that doesnt have a contact number. I would only recommend Groupon.
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written by: Kath (2012-12-28)

Secret Santa box

I agree, they do not return emails when there is a problem.I ordered Secret Santa box,guaranteed xmas delivery-arrived 27/12/12!When I opened bag,it is total trash-none of the suggested brands.4 plasticky watches(no box or guarantee,plastic dog speakers,a snore gone with no instructions,sauna belt that you plug into mains!(only foreign instuctions)other small things in the bag.All total unusable rubbish.Total scam.They have yet to answer my email except automated acknowledgement saying they open again on 27/12/12(it is now 28/12/12)DO NOT USE THEM
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written by: shanesmith (2012-11-09)

voucher saying not valid and no communication from savvy mummy,s

i would not recommend this site as they do not return emails when there is a problem,
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